Introducing Griptape.js

Introducing Griptape.js

Today we are very excited to introduce Griptape.js to the world :baby::skateboard:. It lives here:

Griptape.js is a front-end Secret Network application development framework written in Javascript. It was built to get Secret Network app developers off the ground quickly. With a rich feature set and opinionated design methodology, Griptape.js will allow developers to focus on building what makes their app unique, not what it shares in common with every other app.


The challenges of developing contracts on Secret Network are well understood. Less well understood and arguably under-appreciated, are the challenges of developing user interfaces for those applications. Whether it’s the current need for every developer to build the same features independently, the amount of boiler plate code required to be written for each task, or the fact that design decisions around viewing keys and state management, if done incorrectly, can lead to frustrating UX and even network wide performance issues; the need for a unified set of tools is clear.

At the same time, javascript tools do exist that make it easier than it has ever been to build complex performant applications for the web. It is fair to say that any developer who comes to the doors of Secret Network will be familiar with Vue.js or React.js, and probably both.

We feel strongly that the growth of Secret Network depends on helping usher these folks through the door by allowing them to be comfortable on day one.

So we built Griptape.js to straddle these worlds. To connect the technologies people already know with the Secret Network tools that are both revolutionary, but at the moment, difficult to use.


Did we mention it is live? Live as in, the public beta is public (but very beta), as in go here: now and you can use it, as in what are you waiting for, Carpe Diem, Ándale, Let’s Go! For the most detailed explanation, with a quickstart and a tutorial, the docs are the best place to get all the details. But that takes a bit of work, so briefly:

Griptape.js provides a framework that is:

  • Opinionated, in a good way.
  • Easy to configure
  • Enforces best practices
  • Multi-flavored (Vue, React - coming soon, Svelte - not sure when, but planned)
  • Stresses convention over configuration
  • Plain badass.

Simply put, Griptape.js helps you build apps on Secret Network. It does this by providing all the necessary parts an application needs to work, but also through an opinionated architecture that removes many of the fundamental decisions that are hard enough to make when your backend isn’t a blockchain with encrypted state. In other words, it makes things easier.

Install griptape.js and griptape-vue.js (griptape-react.js coming soon) and you have an environment ready to begin talking to the blockchain and the secret contracts running on it. That’s it, simple!

Sort of… See, doing this stuff isn’t easy and making it easy, is itself hard. There are tons of decisions that need to be made that are all interdependent. That is why we built Griptape.js in a modular fashion. Each module can thus focus on its domain and be built in parallel. That’s the idea anyway.

What follows is a list of modules that are either built and actively being scaled and improved, or are planned for the next 6 months. We will go into each module in greater detail in the coming days and weeks, but for now we just wanted to lay out our priorities, in descending order, so our vision is shared.

  • Today’s Modules

    • Griptape
    • Griptape Vue
  • Future Modules

    • Griptape React
    • Poser (Mocking)
    • Skateshop CLI - (App scaffold and “schema-to-contract-definition” builder)
    • Joystick (State Orchestration)
    • Prodigy (Server Side Tools)
  • Future Addons (not really a module…)

    • Griptape UI (Component Library)

We also have some initiatives that we hope will drive engagement and feedback which should

create a virtuous cycle that improves the framework and increases adoption.

  • Future Initiatives
    • First Class Documentation with Tutorials
    • Video Tutorials
    • Weekly Office Hours
    • Bi-Weekly releases with public demo
    • GTapeCons - Hackathons hosted Bi-Monthly

Next Steps

Our immediate next step is to submit a grant application. To date we have built this all on our own dime and, although it’s a labor of love in a lot of ways, we need funding to put a team in place and start seriously building. The roadmap is an ambitious one and we want to meet or exceed it.

After that the plan is to build, get feedback, and build some more.

In Closing

Web development is the entry point for the vast majority of young developers. JS tools like React, Vue, Svelte, and others have made developing for the web easier and easier. As these developers discover the power of a decentralized future, they are eager to find their place in it. We feel strongly that the growth of Secret Network depends in part on attracting these folks. If intuitive enough, they can learn to build on Secret Network quickly and will stick around. If however the barrier of entry is too high, they will go elsewhere. That is why we are building Griptape.js, to make building apps fun and intuitive, but also to make Secret Network sticky with developers. If we succeed, this tool will help grow our ranks with the people we need to build our next great products, and in turn build our network.

We have an ambitious vision for what Griptape.js can become and our mission is to make that vision a reality. We ask for your support in this mission.

Office Hours

We will be hosting weekly office hours on Thursdays @ 1PM EST (5PM UTC) on discord. Drop in to ask any questions, get support, or give us feedback / ideas.


That’s a 10/10 kickflip for our projects. Thanks!


Thanks for that. The exciting part for us is the way we will be able simultaneously offer support to and learn from people using the framework for their projects. Reach out with any questions you have. The docs are a work in progress, if anything isn’t clear we would love to know.


Awesome job to you and your team @the-dusky ! I’m excited to get started using this and look forward to the future development of this framework.


Great work!
This will help a lot for sure :wink:

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This is awesome! Congrats on the official release! I’m super excited to see how this project will evolve and how the community will use it!

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Thanks Reuven. it’s early days but we feel like we have a good foundation to build on. Will be looking to you and Enigma team to help us see things on and beyond the horizon, such as protocol changes with future hard forks etc. And also to steer us in good directions architecturally as the scope of the project expands. Thanks for your support and for always listening to all my crazy ideas.


Awesome Job guys!.

Congrats to the team. This will be very hepful!

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