Secret DAOs/Voting grant

I’d like to emphasize this grant in particular, as I believe it both demonstrates Secret Network’s specific utility in the best way possible + it could lead to meaningful adoption.

The goal would be to create a product akin to, with the added benefit that votes are cast privately. Like with Snapshots, people should be able to create a governance page for any token, and add and vote on proposals. This, combined with the ETH/BSC/other bridges would bring secret voting to practically any ecosystem.

The work on this grant is less involved than it may seem, since we’re currently working on implementing governance for SEFI, and are creating this as a blueprint for any SNIP-20 token. This means that the majority of the work involves building the UI and backend that allows to deploy contracts/cast votes, but the voting contract itself will be available to you.

If you’re interested, please submit your proposal here: Secret DAOs/Voting · Issue #11 · SecretFoundation/Grants · GitHub