Input needed for Learn - Secret DAOs web page

Hi all! We (the website team) have been working on revamping the Secret website and want to create a Learn - Secret DAOs page (similar to the Secret Tokens and Secret NFTs pages).

But as there’s not a whole lot of info on this yet, could you help me out? Would like to know:

  • What would you say are the most compelling use cases of privacy-by default and Secret Contracts for DAOs?
  • Do you know of projects that already use Secret Contracts to innovate on DAOs? If so, could you share info & links?

And any other useful info you could think of.

Thanks :pray:t2:

  1. I am quite sure Secure Secrets has an open source github with some of their written DAO tooling. Ill ask if they have some info/links. Besides that the Governance whitepaper of Shade is full with nifty information on DAOs for Secret. Page 17/33

  2. I dont know of any easy articles written on this topic specifically for Secret.

  3. Jackal has a site with some info but it doesnt have any specifics on how DAOs are integrated on SN Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  4. SecretDAO (which stated to start building tooling for DAOs) has no written pieces on use cases/ Secret features with it yet.

NOTE: The Infographics on Secret Tokens page seem to be very outdated, maybe this post has some interesting ones, otherwise let us know and we will make a project.

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Credit to @assafmo for this list:

What DAOs can do only on Secret Network:

  • Generate on-chain private keys for:
    • Owning wallets on other chains
    • Signing txs on other chains
    • Running validators on PoS chains
  • Have private on-chain voting
  • Store secrets on-chain
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Hello @evelien :slight_smile:! Leon from SecretDAO here,

A lot of what @kent listed out from Assaf is right on the money. One of the major things we look to do at SecretDAO for users is to have the ability to choose what’s private and what is not.

For example, private on-chain voting is a huge goal we’d like to have for DAOs to be able to have access to.

Another aspect is the ability to create tokens that could be private by default for anyone looking to create a token on SecretDAO. Something that can be done directly on the platform.

On top of private keys for wallets and txs, I feel like these are some of the best use cases for DAOs on Secret :smiley:

Just spitballing, but I wonder if DAOs would want to store say their Q1 charter on chain to create a verifiable record of how their goals mature and develop over time, whilst also limiting the exposure of this document to individuals involved in the network.

Would it be possible to build a docs portal that could tap that? One use for this would be DAOists being able to limit outsider access to insider documentation (just an additional slightly cumbersome step, nothing too egregious) whilst also making it easily accessible to everyone without being hosted in a centralised location (one owner), amongst other things.

Just a thought :relaxed: