DAO DAO X Secret Network Proposal

Greetings Secret community,

Shade Protocol is proud to announce an opportunity to help fund DAO DAO’s cross deployment of their smart contracts onto Secret Network. DAO DAO provides best in class decentralized governance tooling and human organization tooling in Web3 - empowering communities to rapidly turn tokens into meaningful votes and actions.

Secret Network dApps & NFT communities have had to recreate the wheel for small features, wasting hours on creating tooling that universally exists within the DAO DAO feature set. Additional benefits of DAO DAO is they are audited, and used throughout the entire Cosmos. By bringing DAO DAO to Secret Network we have the opportunity to empower users and open the door for adding in privacy-as-a-service for other DAOs across the Cosmos.

DAO DAO app:

What is DAO DAO:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features that would ship with this proposal:

  • Beautiful no-code UI for making proposals, voting, and exploring DAOs

  • Interchain Accounts (e.g. cross chain staking) via Polytone

  • Sophisticated organizational structures using SubDAO hierarchies and Authz

  • Vesting payroll management

  • Treasury spends and swaps

  • Manage staking and rewards

  • Manage validators and vote on governance proposals

  • NFT creation and management

  • On-chain, governance gated key / value store

  • Proposal inbox and email notifications

  • Discord integration

  • Customizable DAO widgets

  • Single DAO page (unique web page for your DAO)

  • DAO Press: publishing tools for a DAO run blog and official communications

  • Bulk actions import

  • Manage smart contracts (instantiate, execute, migrate, manage admins)

  • Beautiful UI for interacting with the native governance module

Example use cases:

  • NFT communities can now seamlessly launch SNIP tokens and coordinate around decisions using DAODAO
  • DeFi projects can seamlessly manage and coordinate incentives across the entire token community
  • Something like Secret Agents could launch a token that is used as incentives for contributing to Secret Network
  • DAOs can be seamlessly spun up to fund raise capital and coordinate around an idea - imagine the Secret Network community pool funding a DAO that is capable of having SubDAOs
  • ShadeDAO would have the following SubDAOs:
    • stkd-SCRT DAO
    • SILK DAO
    • Grants DAO
    • Education DAO

We believe that the ability for dApps on Secret to never have to worry about building governance or DAOs is a massive value add - opening the door to tokenization and social coordination in ways that have never been possible before on Secret Network.


  • Athena SNIP X DAO DAO compatibility refactor + cross-deployment ($30k)
  • DAODAO tooling, reviews, support, infrastructure - $30k (down from $50k originally)

The total cost of bringing DAO DAO to Secret Network is $60k - Shade Protocol would propose that we bring $20k worth of SHD from our grants program and the community pool would match this contribution with $40k worth of SCRT. This would unlock DAO DAO smart contracts for all users and dApps for Secret Network into perpetuity.

For anyone curious why the community pool versus the development fund, we believe because DAO DAO is a pure public good that is extensible to all developers on Secret it is a perfect match for the community pool. Versus more specific utilities and individual products (with financial upside) typically go to grants and the dev fund. Additionally, we believe it would be awesome for Secret Network to largely “own” the DAO DAO integration as a win for the L1.

About Athena Labs: https://www.athenaconsulting.io/


  1. Eumlet: Eumlet is a cross-border instant settlement payment solution that bypasses traditional banking routes to allow payments to be sent without limits instantly from anywhere. Athena is responsible for building the entire backend architecture and systems for Eumlet.
  2. ATOM Accelerator: Atom Accelerator is the main DAO responsible for grants and partnerships in the Cosmos Hub (ATOM) ecosystem. Athena partners with ATOM Accelerator to build tools and primitives needed in the ecosystem related to governance, education as well as smart contract frameworks.
  3. Concordium: Concordium is a public layer-1 blockchain designed to balance privacy and accountability. Athena is working with Concordium on building tools that facilitate development of protocols on the blockchain as well as optimizing resources and tools needed to build local chains and clients.
  4. ICP (Dfinity): ICP is a layer-1 blockchain that allows deployment of autonomous serverless clouds for better blockchain efficiency and optimization. Athena is partnered with ICP to build the first-ever native on-chain certification for ICP smart contract development with the RUST Language.
  5. Lunarspace: Lunarspace aims to offer all the functionalities of ERP and CRM systems on chain with a predefined loss-less on-chain reward protocol. Athena is responsible for building the whole architecture on-chain as well as the backend integrations for a modular architecture that scales.
  6. Gains Associates: Gains is a venture capital and accelerator. Athena works with Gains to audit all of the protocols they work with as well as build long term strategies for growth and sustainability in different ecosystems and protocols.
  7. Switcheo Labs: Athena partnered with Switcheo Labs to provide the necessary strategies to launch on a launchpad with an attention from a legal and regulatory aspect to the token launch depending on the environment of incorporation.
  8. Seraphim Labs: Seraphim Labs is the development company responsible for building Angel Protocol, a non-profit organization on-chain. Athena partners with Seraphim Labs on building long-term strategies as well as project management for building new tools that help bring value to Angel Protocol.
  9. Aether Labs: A solutions company that onboards Web-2 companies to Web-3. We help Aether build architecture and security policies and practices for the companies as well auditing of some smart contracts.

In terms of the cost to the Secret Network community, $40k is quite reasonable. Let me explain:

Assume a developer works: 40 hours a week * 12 weeks * $80 per hour = ~$40k

Is there any developer on Secret capable of building the entirety of the DAO DAO feature set in that time frame? The value proposition for all Secret Network is immense. Additionally, we gain support and access to the DAO DAO team. DAO DAO is a public good critical to engaging communities and coming to social consensus across the myriads of Secret Network communities. After this is deployed, Secret Network developers can add in pull requests for private voting - but the first step before we reach that stage is simply getting DAO DAO refactored and deployed on Secret Network with SNIP compatibility.


  • Athena team refactor: ~60-80 days
  • DAO DAO infrastructure support: ~20-30 days

Shade Protocol will be offering supporting by managing PR reviews and ensuring the roadmap & milestone development timelines are continuously hit between both the DAO DAO & Athena team. In the event of the Athena team not hitting timeline / executing the Shade team is willing to bring the integration to the finish line. We are happy to be the capital escrow for the project, but if the community would prefer either Luigi or someone like the SF could be the escrow of funds.

Would love to get your feedback on this proposal that Shade Protocol is helping to facilitate.


Carter Woetzel (Shade Protocol Lead Researcher)


I’m familiar with the Athena Consulting team and I’m glad to see them teaming up on this.

It’s refreshing to see a dev proposal that’s simple and shows timelines/prices clearly.

The dev cost breakdown you provided was helpful too @Carter-Woetzel. IMO these dev costs are much lower than what market rates are too.

This has my support


Thanks for putting this together. I agree with the value prop being immense for the network. This is something I feel the Shillables community would rally behind and utilize whether it is subDAOs or stand alone DAOs for our collections as DAO tooling is a somewhat frequently discussed topic.

I feel we are in a similar boat as I know you are looking forward to DAO tooling for Shade and I think its incredible for the Shade team to offer the 20k in SHD and offer to push it through to the finish line if there are timeline issues.

It makes sense to me for the Community Pool’s portion for the reasons you described.

Appreciate your time and will be following to see what others think about the idea.


I’m definitely in support of this. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Thank you for spearheading this @Carter-Woetzel! :fire:


I have 3 questions:

  1. Will Secret Network get a DAO UI for the network like Juno, Neutron, Stargaze and Osmosis have?

  2. Will Secret NFTs be integrated as profile pictures similar to Stargaze NFTs?

  3. Will they integrate Secret Network focused wallets like Starshell?

Anyway, I agree with the proposal, DAOs + good UX/UI are needed, more decentralization of Shade Protocol via DAOs will allow Secret ecosystem to more use what Shade are building :slight_smile:

Onwards and Upwards!


Hey Jiri,

I am going to add these questions to the DAO DAO question document linked below. We have a twitter space with the DAO DAO team this upcoming Monday at 3:00 pm PST where we can get answers to all of these questions :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, Georges from Athena here! Thank you Carter for putting this up and we do actually believe this will bring value to the whole network and amazing to see Shade Protocol taking the lead on this.
Hopefully, we will able to make this vision a reality; and no need to say that this has our support.


Although the Comm pool is low on funds, I do support this as long as funding is milestone-based and the code is open-sourced (which I believe is already ensured)

The potential value of having DAO infrastructure live on Secret is very large and long-term. I have always wanted DAOs on Secret and I know that several communities that are already active on our network can take advantage of this right out of the gate.


DAO DAO Questions

  • Does DAODAO have fees?
    • No.
  • How much and what type of maintenance is required to keep the platform operational indefinitely following the original 6 months of support?
    • Minimal maintenance is required, front-end is completely open source so it is easy for the collective community to help manage / make small updates. Smart contracts can be pointed upstream.
  • Will the secret contracts be able to benefit from upstream updates?
    • Yes, DAO DAO is extremely modular so as long as the privacy refactor is not too intrusive the secret network deployment will definitely benefit
  • Can there be multiple deploys / instances of DAO DAO on Secret?
    • Yes, all the DAOs have their own sovereignty. DAOs can of course set up a child relationship but, sovereign by default. All the build steps will be clearly / cleanly available on the github.
  • Will Secret Network get a DAO UI for the network like Juno, Neutron, Stargaze, and Osmosis have?
    • Yes! Will have a beautiful page to interact with.
  • Will Secret NFTs be integrated as profile pictures similar to Stargaze NFTs?
    • Definitely possible :slight_smile: Obviously some custom tweaks would be required with respect to the custom privacy
  • Privacy for V1 will be added to padding + SNIP support + stripping out msg sending + event logs leaked data whenever possible.
  • Will they integrate Secret Network focused wallets like Starshell?
    • Yes, this is absolutely possible to add support for. DAO DAO uses CosmosKit (interchain wallet library) .
  • Can’t DAO DAO be used over IBC to control/send calls to SN contracts (vaults, gov, etc)? What are the advantages of native deployment versus polytone interchain solution?
    • The first reason is that native deployment trusts Secret Network security versus some alternative chain being the host chain for the smart contracts. As long as secret blockchain runs, its native deployment of the DAO DAO contracts will run, versus trusting another chain could hamstring / hurt the dApps on Secret later on if the external dependency falls through. External dependency is a security risk.
    • Customization is easier for DAO DAO directly on Secret versus through IBC
    • Gas management for DAOs is simpler with native deployment
    • Private treasury balances vs public treasury balances
  • Instead of maintaining/refounding a V1, but (via IBC and eventual bridge contracts / entry points, etc). So be in charge of the integration on SN, and benefit from DAO DAO enhancements over time without having a fork to be maintained. Maybe even DAO DAO could benefit from the Secret privacy by having some of their key contracts on Secret
    • Yes - the good news is that as long as Secret works the DAO DAO smart contracts will continue to work. DAO DAO would help patch any sort of exploits or problems as needed / encountered over the long run. The majority of maintenance comes from front-end features & front-end bugs. Because the front-end is open source, the secret & shade team can easily submit bug fixes / feature requests to the github repo. Outside of this, the only other extra thing DAO DAO runs is an indexer. Could add this infra added in the future as needed / if desired, 90% of active maintenance is tied to the indexer.

Link to the full twitter space recording: