Help with testing our BlackJack card game

Hi all, we have been trying to get people to test our card game, would any gracious volunteers be able to assist us by playing a match or two either with us or some other testers?

We would be able to give walkthroughs/guidance via our discord:

see our post also in the beta-testers channel on the secret network discord channel, or feel free to talk to us here!

our dApp is available via npm


Very exciting, not at all what I expected when reading ‘Blackjack’ I must admit.

It would be a lot easier to test for most of the community if there would be a webui, even a barebones one. I’m not sure if you are planning anything like that?

Looking forward to see what you come up with further!

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We are exploring providing a WebUI version, maybe with Akash as provider, something like osmosis dex. This will take time for us to build as we are a small team.

In the meantime, the TerminalUI is very user friendly and is available as is.

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