Tortuga Labs Game Development on Secret

Hey all, our team at Tortuga Labs is interested in building games on Secret Network as shown in our previous proposal:

We appreciate everyone’s feedback thus far, and would like to open up a discussion here where we can receive input/advice on reformatting our proposal to be closer to the communities interest level, understanding that we intend to approach Secret Labs first before going back to the community pool. We also would like to gather suggestions and recommendations on features that users would like to see.

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Hi TortugaLabs,

As a core contributor and one of the people that often helps new teams onboard into the ecosystem, I would love to have a call with you to help you navigate the ecosystem and share some thoughts as a game developer building on Secret Network.

Please reach out to me on Discord (Dumdidum#1084) :slight_smile:

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That would be great! I’ll send you a message shortly

Hey guys how’s this one going did it get lost in the shuffle? @guy was asking about casino games today.

Hey! We have been working on the development of a couple games for Waves at the moment and will be revisiting this soon. We are still highly interested in developing multiplayer poker on SCRT, but are also open to other games if the community is interested and we are able to get the initial funding to develop it.

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