Design Committee Update - August 18, 2021

Thanks everyone who joined today’s Design Committee meeting! Here’s a quick recap:

:tada: New Design Resources Available

After a couple weeks of discussion and revision, we’re introducing a new design for indicating when a token is secret-wrapped

You can find assets for this new design pattern in the :file_folder:Design Resources Folder in the ‘Logos’ subfolder

Available Design Opportunities in the :clipboard:Open Project Board

:rotating_light:Calling all graphic, visual, and UX/UI designers! :rotating_light:

  • 100 SCRT - :art: Conduct an audit of color usage on and common infographics & banners ( contact John B | pajamas#9897 for direction & examples )
  • 25 SCRT - :framed_picture: Multiple graphic design opportunities, creating reusable design assets for Secret Network. Notably: a graphic that illustrates Secret Network’s Committees, respectively ( see Open Projects Board for more )

Here’s more info on finding Secret Network design opportunities

:thinking:Have some ideas for projects or issues the design committee could address? Please share them with us on Discord or in this forum post.

:clap: Big thanks to everyone who contributed to design for Secret Network this past week:

  • CultivatedCurt
  • GotDVMN
  • Patrick | Cryptocurnc
  • John B
  • Petchpeth

Petchpeth, in particular, shared some 3D SCRT token designs, which we might turn into a physical coin to use as rewards or share at conferences.

The :star2:Design Committee is RECRUITING!

The Design Committee provides a space for interested community members, designers, and other creatives to gather, discuss, collaborate on, and contribute to design for Secret Network and projects, efforts, and initiatives within it.

If you’re interested in contributing to design for Secret Network, please fill out this short :page_facing_up: Membership Form

:wave:Introduce yourself in the #:star2:Design channel on Discord

:calendar:Consider attending our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5PM UTC* (1PM EST, 10AM PT) in the meeting-room-1 voice channel on Discord - Add to Your Calendar

Here’s a list of all the current Design Committee members

:warning:Please note: our next Design Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday (Aug 25) at 5PM UTC due to travel conflicts :warning:

Design Resources

:memo: If you’re unable to attend our meetings, please check out the Weekly Meeting Notes

:file_folder:Design Committee Info & Resources

:page_facing_up:Design Committee Charter

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Cool designs, and cool to see so many design committee members on that list, nice job.

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