Secret Yield: Secret Task

This is a call to action for Secret Network community to build a page where users can find all yield opportunities on Secret Network. This work will be compensated in SCRT. If you are interested please submit your budget with other required information :slight_smile:
Single place to find all yield opportunities in Secret Network! similar to the landing page of We would like to make a list of all assets (SCRT, SEFI, sETH etc.) and all products (SecretSwap, Sienna, bridge rewards) on Secret Network that provide yield opportunities to Secret Network participants.

Probably having a vertical (in rows) representation of assets and choosing products from a menu (all, secretswap, sienna etc.) makes the most sense. If all products are chosen, we can represent highest yield for each asset across all products. We should also add an option to identify risk free yield opportunities such as SCRT & SEFI Staking + ETH bridge rewards. When Alice clicks on the yield number, Alice is sent to the product page (like SEFI tab in in a new tab.

Going forward, we should also allow new dApp builder to submit PRs to add yield opportunities in their platform to For example I should be able to choose the asset (or pair), provide a query endpoint to get APY information and select whether this is a risk-free yield option or not… When the PR is approved, can automatically add this the GUI.

Next steps:

  • If you are a designer who wants to help with Figma designs, please share your previous work in this thread or DM me on Discord → can_enigma#0743
  • If you are a front-end developer who wants to help with coding of the design, pls share your github repo / prev. work in this thread or DM me on Discord → can_enigma#0743. Experience with secret.js is a big plus

Let’s BUIDL!


I’ve looked at and tracked a bunch of these stats, so willing to brainstorm/help anyone interested in building this out.

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Hi @can thanks for the invitation. These are my recent designs( some are still under development)

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I like your cartallos designs - we can have 2 tabs dashboard + yield

  1. Dashboard (lower priority): kind of keep things as is.
  2. Indexes becomes the yield page as I described on the forum post