Increase minimum deposit parameter to 1000 SCRT

Based on discussions on Discord, Telegram, and the weekly Governance call I’d like to propose increasing the minimum deposit required for a proposal to go into the voting period to 1000 SCRT. In proposal #32 (Proposal 32: Param Change : Lower minimum proposal deposit amount) this parameter was reduced from 1000 SCRT to 100 SCRT.

Over the past week we have seen the first scam proposals hit the chain (proposals #133 to #140 so far), of which two also went into the voting period. By increasing the minimum deposit parameter to 1000 SCRT we will hopefully make it so that it is no longer financially interesting to create these scam proposals. Alternative solutions are concurrently being explored but this should be a good first step.

The main drawback seems to be that this will make it harder for new community members to make a proposal themselves. This should be mitigated by the fact that many in our community are willing to put a good proposal on-chain for another community member.

Vote ‘Yes’ if you’d like the deposit required to move into the voting period be increased to 1000 SCRT.
Vote ‘No’ if you’d like the deposit to remain at 100 SCRT.


Heavily in support :+1:


1k SCRT at current prices seems very reasonable. Perhaps there could be an amendment to the prop guide that says if you do not have enough to meet the min deposit, to include a some prepared footer in your forum post to signal to the community that you need support?


Very much in support. Suggesting we go on-chain for this matter asap.

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Support this. Lets do this ASAP

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Definitely supporting this proposal :fire:.

Due to several requests from the community, unanimous support so far, as well as the number of scam proposals going into the voting period increasing since the creation of this thread, I’m planning to expedite this proposal to the on-chain voting period. Currently planning on posting it tomorrow, if you feel strongly against this please reply below.

@supdoggie I really like your suggestion and will be sure to incorporate it in the next Secret Network Charter update!


we will vote yes.

Can we expect a signalling proposal for the extra parameter as well?

Yes, this will be posted on the forums in a seperate thread in the next days.

1000 would make sense to me, but considering the possible price increase it seems too much, personally I would be happy with 500 SCRT

In the long run, it also makes more sense to me to create some kind of “council” ( for example consisting of activ-set validators ) where at least one of the members would have to confirm the proposal.

The proposal is currently in voting as proposal #144.

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As this is a parameter change proposal, please verify that the parameter is correctly changed before voting.

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We can always adjust it again if we go up x2-4 :slight_smile:

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But that will require further voting :smiley:

I see it as a short term solution, it really doesn’t make sense to me to change the deposit every six months

We should change it as often as necessary and as seldom as possible in my opinion. Currently increasing it is important to combat scam proposals. If a community member wants to put up a high-quality proposal but doesn’t have the SCRT necessary to do so, I’d be happy to help with part of the deposit and I’m convinced so would many others. This will in some form be included in the next version of the Secret Network Charter I predict (as @supdoggie suggested). Until such time, please include a statement to this effect in the forum discussion if this is the case for you.

Fully support it, When the other proposal was on the chain the price of SCRT was around ~ $5. We are currently 5x lower making it easier for proposal spamming.

Makes sense to make it even higher than 1k scrt but thats fine too.

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Easy yes from me. The scam spam needs to have pain when vetoed.

FYI, the deposit gets burned if there’s no quorum or if there’s quorum but more than 1/3 has vetoed.

The return type is (passes bool, burnDeposits bool, tallyResults types.TallyResult)