Fardels grant update

Kia ora,

This is an update on how development is going for the Fardels grant. I’ve made a lot of progress this week and implemented the deliverables that were listed under the first milestone, including:

  • updating the fardel data structure to be more generic,
  • allowing people to block other accounts,
  • optional sales approval (and pending status),
  • rating and comments logic improved,
  • ability to seal fardels,
  • exporting tx information,
  • changing the fardel id scheme, and ability to download public data in batch for indexing
  • additional admin functionality, such as banning, optional fee commission, etc.

In addition to the changes to the basic fardel that I mentioned in the grant application, I also created a way for people to create countable fardels. By default a fardel only contains one package and it can be unpacked an unlimited number of times. Countable fardels are different. They have n packages and each unpacker gets one and only one of the packages. Once all packages are unpacked then the fardel is automatically sealed. This feature was inspired by a tweet from @scrtshadow (https://twitter.com/scrtshadow/status/1385291632791142404) suggesting that fardels could be used by companies to post access codes that are only available for a limited time period.

Now I will turn my focus to the UI and interfacing it with the contract. Undoubtedly, I will continue to tweak the contract as I do UI dev, but I anticipate most of my time now will be spent on the client side. The latest version of the contract code is available at the same place as the hackathon code GitHub - darwinzer0/fardels: Fardels is a social network for sharing items of small value built on Secret Network.. I’ve pulled the UI code out to develop in a different repo.


Hello my friend Hello

We all understand Fardel is a working name and or the actual name atm, either way, can you give us a little history on where the name Fardel originated.

For me personally the name is creating Larry David dialogue between my skull.

Me just writing about the name has now made me feel even more LD foolish, really doesn’t
matter what the name is in reality but , why Fardel?

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Lol, I didn’t really give it much thought initially. I just came across it and the meaning seemed to fit as a nice metaphor for what I was trying to build. Plus, given that it is kind of an outdated word, I assumed it was not being used elsewhere. But then a number of people have told me they liked it, so I’ve stuck with it!