Pandoras Box is Openning?

Here’s my question:
Given that anyone can create an anonymous wallet and fund it,
Further given that a secret contract doesn’t need to disclose any of the details,
What’s to keep Joe developer from making a murder for hire dApp or some other nefarious industry?
I create a ‘contract’ with the info on the target and deposit with the contract 20K ENG
Contractors see the list of jobs. Someone decides to lock my contract giving them 2 weeks exclusivity to complete the task.
Oracle says it occurred during the 2 weeks. (not sure how this would work)
payout happens.
All invisible.
A bit dark and scary but I think I’d like to see discussion. What’s to stop this from happening please?

We had brought up similar topics a while back on the main telegram chat. Guy’s response was:

“That would mean we’re doing good things. Tech is neutral - it can be used for good or bad. We are intentionally trying to get it to be used for good, but we can’t force people - nor will we try”

The way i think about it…you can use nuclear energy to power cities, or to make nuclear bombs. The tech is neutral like Guy said; it’s on humanity to use it in the right way.

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