what is that one used for? I have a red ! on my token list for it. But I’m not sure what it is connect to.

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Same here! Would appreciate any insight regarding this exclamation point… Any update @shmi? Thanks!

that means you have staked your sETH and are earning rewards

Thanks, @can… Unfortunately, it appears that the exclamation point is presented as an error. Does the red exclamation point indicate something that I should fix? Please advise… I’ve attached a screenshot below. Thanks!

This is a keplr related issue - @josh-chainapsis can help

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Thanks, @can.

@josh-chainapsis, I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this error message. Thanks!

Hi @secretQuant, this is expected behavior as ETH-RWRDS was not implemented as a standard SNIP-20 token.

But why was it created in the first place? My staked sETH is earning sSCRT, so where does ETH-RWRDS come into play?