Error finding symbol for SNIP20 address

I’ve put some sEth in the Ethereum part of 𝕊ecret Bridge

When i press “View Balance” on ethereum i get the error message below in the dev console and i don’t see my balance.

app-f899ec37a9f419688c3c.js:90 Error finding symbol for SNIP20 address secret1q6y7wz6pev80aadyjsejk5xr2yj4mkrj40zrvn TypeError: Cannot read property ‘display_props’ of undefined
at S. (app-f899ec37a9f419688c3c.js:90)
at ()
at new t (
at Module.l (
at S.updateBalanceForSymbol (app-f899ec37a9f419688c3c.js:90)
at Ee (
at S.r (
at app-f899ec37a9f419688c3c.js:112

I this the right place to post this or should I put it somewhere else?

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hello gpersoon!
can you please try hard-refreshing the page? (ctrl+F5 or command+F5 on mac)

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Hi Reuven,
I’ve got it working now. Refreshing didn’t make a difference and then i tried to add the token in the keplr wallet and suddenly it started working.

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awesome, glad it worked out!