Problems bridging WBTC to SBTW with Keplr + Ledger

Hi, I must be doing something stupid when trying to bridge wBTC to secretWBTC. I can’t figure why it’s not working… any help would be much appreciated.

When I attempt to convert wBTC to secretWBTC I receive the error msg, ‘Invalid parameters: must provide an Ethereum address.’
I am using Brave, with Keplr extension secured by a ledger HWW. I have successfully been able to convert ETH to sETH and SCRT to SSCRT.
I have enough ETH on the attached wallet to approve the ERC20 to Secret Network bridge.
I even attempted (with the min WBTC) to send the SWBTC to my ethereum wallet address, but the action could not be approved, as the app picked up that this was not a valid Secret Address.

So… any suggestions for what I’m doing wrong?

On the Secret Bridge app age, under the ‘Secret Nework’ / Keplr side the secretWBTC balance window states ‘Fix Unlock’. This looks suspiciously like it might be relevant…

Attached, for your amusement (if it works) is a screen shot of the error when I attempt to bridge to my own secret address.

New users can only upload one image per post, so here is the ‘Fix Unlock’ status in the secretWBTC balance window.


OK so I’ve figured out where you go to fix viewing keys (Keplr Wallet).
But I still am not able to bridge WBTC over to SWBTC (Brave, Keplr connected to Ledger HWW). Error message doesn’t make sense to me, ‘must provide an Ethereum address’ for a bridged secret token? what-the-what now?!

I have no problem with being shown in what way/ways I am being stupid. Feel free to state the obvious. I just want to be able to join in this privacy preserving revolution (particularly now more governments than just China want to roll out CBDCs, shudders).

Nudge. Tried again today, still unable to convert WBTC to sWBTC. I have successfully bridged over both ETH and SCRT. Is this a known bug, or is it user error?

Thanks for any suggestions.

ping. Nearly 3 weeks on. Tried again, same problem. Any help in this forum?
I just want to convert wBTC to sWBTC. The secret bridge is giving me a nonsense error message. Please help. I have sufficient ETH on the same wallet (ledger HWW) to pay for the action, but the bridge states I need a valid ETH address (for my secret WBTC!)

I can not share a TX hash since the TX is never started, please see error message at top of thread.