Epic Dragon Eggs and NFT Cards

I would like to introduce the idea of Secret NFT modular players or breed-able dragons that hatch from eggs for a game I have that can be incorporated into the secret marketplace and provide extra game mechanics and utility to players as well as funnel new users through adverting when other NFT projects arrive. Feedback welcome and if you want to join me in chat I’m now on Telegram: Contact @scrtmarket

Another thing I want to add is that in a mobile game I can go much much deeper into game mechanics and game design around NFTs. They could have features of an idle clicker, game cheats, and boost player stats to unlock new levels and increase performance.

They could also be breed differently and with less coding of contracts or fees. The end result is selling more NFT’s to wider market and having increased value perception. Breeding is important because players may not initially want to spend the in-game money necessary to make it through the process if every time it costs $.25. It would also allow for better performance.

Somewhere we need a balance between minting a hero and paying for a battle without even a visual representation and pure game logic with no NFT’s or ones that are only minted when they want to move them to another account or sell. Asking for funding will help with the financial burden and also negotiate more on-chain interactions. Perhaps when a new NFT gets minted through the online Playfab store that information is loaded to a spreadsheet that is sent to the game and it triggers a different multiplier for the players account or unlocks items. In the case we mentioned a dragon could technically eat a Waifu and it would look pretty badass to see the dragon grow while consuming NFT’s.