Orbem Wars - NFT Game

In this forum thread, I will update you on the progress of the NFT game me and the team have been working on for about 1,5 months now. The game will be a Tower Defense game. The tower schematics are NFTs. Each tower is able to be equipped with various upgrades, also NFTs.

In terms of back-end we are going with a combination between Smart Contract and Centralized server logic. This will allow us to make the game playable without having a wallet, or even knowledge of blockchain. Potentially reaching a much wider audience, while also bringing people into NFTgaming with a Secret-Network-First experience.

In the past, I have already teased the main menu scene with the general UI style we are going for:

Now that the art is coming together, I can also show you the first turret: The Railgun. The projectile is work-in-progress. The turret is like it will be in-game coming out of the ground the moment you have built it.

Edit: apparently, no video format is allowed on this forum. With this discord link you can find the teased video :slight_smile: Edit2, apparently that doesn’t work either, so much for video teasing on the forums :rofl:


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impressive work

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