Secret LootBoxes and Booster Packs (Potential Grant)

Any of you who ever played games understand the value of LootBoxes - random packs of in-game goodies that can be:

  1. Purchased: Bought with real money
  2. Earned: Earned by reaching objectives

I’d like to propose a similar system in Secret, which will interconnect with other dApps in our ecosystem. LootBoxes will likely be an implementation of Secret NFTs standard and as suggested above can be:

  1. Purchased: Purchasing them with SCRT (or any other acceptable currency)
  2. Earned: Obtaining them by showing proofs, for example, that you staked SCRT for (3, 6, 12, … months) or similarly, that you provided long-term liquidity to Secret Swap.

LootBoxes are opened via some lottery system (i.e., the actual prize is generated. They can re-shuffle it by paying some more SCRT. Loot Boxes can have types, like ‘normal, rare, unique’ who give better and better types of gifts).

Some ideas for prizes these loot boxes can provide are:

  1. Free lottery tickets
  2. Booster - the ability to purchase more tokens in a Secret Starter project (see a separate post). For example, 1.5x booster allows you to get 50% more allocation than others
  3. Discount - getting a discount in a given Secret Starter IDO
  4. Secret NFT art/badges

We’d love to fund this with a grant. Also, having an amazing UI/gameplay for this (see the above image as a concept) would be great (looking at you Secret Heroes team!).


@Dumdidum-001, it could be cool if the game your making had space for lootboxes for cosmetics? Is that something that could be made possible or would it be relatively difficult? Don’t think you’d want lootboxes that actually give you an advantage in the game.


I have this as a milestone in the NFTgame I’m developing for Secret Network.

It was originally planned for a V1.1 or 1.2 as tournament prizes and would distribute a mix of guaranteed items and random items (in-game items in secretNFT form).

Maybe we should have a conversation about the project I’m working on? I’m not at a stage I feel ready to ask for a grant, but exploring the contribution the project will have for Secret Network early is probably a good idea :slight_smile:


Would love to chat. Ping me on Discord?

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This sounds like an exciting idea and would also allow mobile game developers to integrate rewards into their applications while also offering value in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Lootboxes have become a bit of a touchy subject in gaming. While introducing random chance, the app stores have started to crack down on gambling and they are now requiring developers to show the loot first (Fortnight did this on its own with great success and it shouldn’t be viewed as a major setback).


I would also talk to friend of a friend Paul in discord username: Keyboard Cowboy#7542. I know he’s very interested in gaming/lootboxes and has already been hacking away at some things. He used to work at Perch security with my buddy and seems like a good dev with lots of ideas. I’m going to send him this thread as well.


I’ve been working on a project to bring LootBoxes to the secret network. I have a snip-721 implementation on holodeck that is already serving as this LootBox generator. I am exploring game opportunities for this. I have partnered with a WebGL programmer that has experience releasing games on Steam.

I’ll hit you up on Discord


My team won’t be taken this on as we feel we have to go too far away from our roadmap to make this stand-alone.

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This is an interesting idea, but I have a lot of reservations. In most popular games loot boxes are purely cosmetic (dota, cs, fortnight) and all skill is left to the user. If you overdrop a specific skin it really does not matter. The price of that skin will go down, but the underlying game is uneffected.

When we discuss loot boxes that are tied to actual economics I worry any miscalculation in drop rate on some items will have serious long term effects. Anything like the discount mentioned raises a red flag for me. I think giving out some free lottery tickets, increased access to subscriptions, flair is all fine. One time use items may help solve of this. It also creates a sink mechanism for the loot itself.

All this to say I see some value in the idea, but each drop and drop rate really has to be well thought out. There is little room for error.

Would love to discuss!

Fair point, although I disagree with the potential negative magnitude of making mistakes. To be interesting, prizes should be interesting enough. If these also encourage further investing time/effort/money into the ecosystem (e.g., through IDO participation) - that’s an extremely valuable lever.

Not taking risks has a much larger downside IMO.

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Yes. I agree it’s not inherently a bad drop, I’m simply speaking of balancing. If everyone had the discount it wouldn’t be a valuable lever encouraging new investment, it would simply change where the default lives. If people can buy it on a market place, use it, resell it, it could be as well. These are the types of interactions and long term trends I’m just calling to mind. Overtime with no sink and a high drop amount it could become ubiquitous and therefore a meaningless reward. This would lower price of the item and the burn rate indefinitely.