Enigma's Bounties at ETHDenver

Enigma is excited to meet hackers at ETHDenver! If you haven’t already, sign up for this dev forum and join our Discord. We’re looking forward to helping your team build secret apps on Enigma.

Details of Enigma’s Bounties:

Bounty #1: Best CryptoGame
Description: This award is going to a team who creates the best game utilizing secret contracts to enable private interactions (for any aspect of the gameplay).
Prize: 500 Dai

Bounty #2: General Purpose Reward
Description: This prize will be awarded to the team who builds the most interesting and creative project involving Enigma.
Prize: 500 Dai

Bounty #3: Best Salad Integration
Description: This prize will go to a team who develops the best integration of Salad, our non-custodial mixing service, into a wallet or dapp.
Prize: 1000 Dai

For each of these bounties, our main judging criteria will be usability, technicality and creativity. Members of SecretDAO will vote on the winners. We are looking for projects with potential to continue development as Enigma prepares to launch mainnet.

Getting Started:

Hackers, be sure to check out this guide for developers, and read our documentation. Of course, we hope you also dive into Enigma’s open-source code on GitHub. Additionally, you may benefit from this Ethereum Hackathon Survival Guide.

To learn more about all ETHDenver bounties, you can watch the official video. Let us know if you have any ideas or questions. This forum thread is a great place to share thoughts and connect with our developer community. You can also find us at our booth!