End of Part 5 of Deploy a Sercret Node on Vultr Guide

I just ran Part 5 of the Deploying a Node Guide. I answered Yes to several questions, but it is now asking me:

Please input the directory which you want to install in:

What should we answer?

Answer with “yes” for current directory and everything should go fine.

After more testing I found that the Secret Node would not detect SGX on reboot if you installed to the directory I initially specified. I have since fixed the guide.

Going forward When prompted “Do you want to install in current directory? [yes/no]” respond with “no” then say you want to install it in the “isgx” directory.

If you’ve already deployed this please destroy your Secret Node and start the guide from scratch. In the future we’ll have more comprehensive uninstall scripts to make it so users don’t have to start from scratch. :slight_smile: