Did I buy the wrong SEFI contract? (It doesn't appear so)

Hey guys, I thought my question could potentially be answered here :pray:. I recently discovered Secret Network and bought some $SEFI through Uniswap with the following contract address : Secret DeFi (SEFl) Token Tracker | Etherscan

I also noticed the “Secret Network Deployer” on Etherscan held this particular version of $SEFI in addition to the newly listed SEFI that went live today: Address 0xe342c08eb93c1886b0c277936a2cc6b6fe5c1db3 | Etherscan

Any idea what’s going on here? Are the SEFI tokens I purchased illiquid or NOT The official version of the SEFI token? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you read the post for SEFI genesis (SEFI is Live on Mainnet! - Secret Network) you will see the contract address is.


The contract you bought however is:


I’m sorry but that’s a scam version.

I understand why you’re saying it’s a scam (because it isn’t the same contact as stated in their article), but then who is the scammer? Because the coin I bought was deployed by the official Secret Network Delpoyer account. And this account also deployed the $SEFI contract in the article.

This is where my confusion comes from.

Hi @epbro , unfortunately the token you got was not deployed by us. Notice that when you go to the contract page (from the token page) you can see the contract creator.
This guys cleverly sent us their fake token (which we obviously cannot actively refuse). That’s why it looks like the Secret Network Deployer address is holding this token

Ahhhh got it. Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate it.