Introducing SEFI: Native Governance Token for the Secret DeFi Ecosystem

Hi to the community! Today we’re announcing $SEFI, native governance token for the Secret DeFi ecosystem. Learn about the genesis distribution for SCRT stakers, bridge users, and SecretSwap LPs, as well as long-term token mechanics and distribution, on the Secret Blog:

Please use this thread for questions, feedback, comments, etc! :slight_smile:


Hi, Tor, thanks for the blog post.
Do we know already what is the total supply of Sefi?

Great project, but why not send the airdrop directly, but an announcement? If the airdrop is sent immediately and then traded in SecretSwap, it will attract the attention of many people.

Nice, I love this project

Love the project and the product! Keep up with the good work!

Can you provide more information on LP on Sushiswap? A previous post mentioned rewards for wSCRT-ETH LP tokens from sushiswap but that did not appear on the bridge as the post announced. This article also mentions sushiswap LP token holders may get wSEFI. The wSCRT-ETH pool on sushiswap is pretty small today and I bought into it based on your announcement. Can you confirm what will happen with sushiswap and the wSCRT-ETH LP token holders?