[Development Proposal - Secret Apps] Secret Business Card

Project Description
I built a business card application on Secret Network where users can create and share business cards with QR codes (You can view a demo of the project here). When you update your business card information, it updates for everyone who has access to your business card. In v1 of the dapp, users can create cards, delete cards, share cards (via QR code), and view the cards that have been shared with them.

I demoed this app at the Secret developer meeting last week, and am now presenting the project here to figure out which Secret funding route is best suited for the project to develop it further.

Problem / Solution
The information on physical business cards is static; when your personal information changes the card does not. While there are digital alternatives, I haven’t seen anything on blockchain which is why I built this dapp on Secret–the combination of customizable privacy through encrypted data, viewing keys, query permits, etc allowed this dapp to become a reality.

Go-to-Market plan
Potential monetization routes could be a combination of the following ideas, and I am open to any and all ideas from the community:

  • premium users receive more customizability options for cards
  • premium users have more access to the types of information they can share
  • every time a card is created and/or shared, there is a microtransaction fee sent to a contract bank

Value capture for Secret Network ecosystem
This could be a potential onboarding tool for bringing new users into the Secret ecosystem. Imagine being able to scan a QR code and then immediately be using a SCRT dapp (after install of a web3 wallet). There was also discussion at the developer meeting last week of using this dapp to onboard users at crypto conferences. My goal with this dapp is to make Secret Network so easy a caveman can do it :tm:

About Me
I started as a builder on ethereum and found my way to cosmos because I believe the future is interchain. In that pursuit, I just took part in the first ever Web3 Builders Alliance bootcamp where I learned all things CosmWasm. Most recently I worked on the frontend for a dapp that was used to onboard users at ETH Bogota.

Here are a few other dapps I’ve built in the past 6 months at Ethereum hackathons:

Week 1-2:

  • Optimize UI for mobile
  • Fina Wallet integration
    KPI #1: Working on mobile!

Week 3-4:

  • Extensive integration tests
  • Feedback from Secret dev community for additional UI/contract improvements
    KPI #2: Fix bugs found by secret developer test community

Week 5-6:

  • Iterate based on community feedback
  • Add premium features (more customizable privacy with cards for paid users)

Week 7-10:

  • Continued work on UI improvements + privacy features
  • Extensive documentation
  • Deploy to mainnet
    KPI #3: Dapp can be demoed at next crypto conference that Secret Network sponsors/attends.

This is a rough estimate, I can build for less comp/less hours:

  • 200 hours developer time (20 hours a week for 10 weeks)
  • 200 hours developer time x $USD 100/hr = $USD 20,000

I am excited to hear from the community about which funding avenue might be best for further development, as well as suggestions to make the dapp the best it can be. Thank you!


Hey mate,

Welcome to Secret Network! I saw the video a while back and loved the brief explanation of the code and a demonstration of the application.

Personally, I think while the application is a great demonstration of what Secret Contracts can enable, taking it to Mainnet may be where its growth ends. I don’t think blockchain has got to the point where projects like this would see wide adoption.

I would be interested in hearing your view and other people’s view on this matter and hope that we’ll be able to see you around for a long time!

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Heard about your app a while ago from the WBA team and glad you liked developing a POC on the Network.

I must agree with OG however that i am not sure if this would get too much activity on mainnet.

Instead i want to ask you the question if you would be interested to develop this out as a workshop? It seems to me like this is an easy to understand reallife usecase of secret contracts that needs only little front end integration.

I am looking to add 2 additional workshops to a program we are setting up, i think this might be good for an intermediary or introductory course.

Idea is to have 3 levels of courses which would be all given as an online workshop every month. Agency js working with Scrt labs and secret university to set this up. Happy to have a chat about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the forum post, sorry for the late answer.

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Thanks for the feedback! In terms of wide adoption–I think the main hurdle for getting people to use the dapp would be asking them to download and fund a wallet if they’ve never done that before. But I think with improved UI and the right exposure the dapp has potential to gain adoption among people already onboarded to crypto generally.

Hi, thanks for your feedback! Definitely interested in developing this as a workshop! I’m on discord @ Seanrad#0145 if you’d like to discuss further :grinning:

Sweet concept! Maybe Alter can use this?

Hi Robert, sorry for the late response, just seeing this now. Could you tell me more about Alter and how this dapp could be a good product fit? Thank you!

dmd you, back from holiday