Dev Committee 2023 Q1 Funding Proposal

Dev Committee Q1 Funding Proposal


The past quarter has been productive for the Dev Committee and has resulted in considerable contributions to network. In this proposal, we highlight the main contributions of the team members in the last quarter, and explain our strategy moving forward. Moreover, we’re discontinuing the mentorship program and CCRs (read below for details). This substantially reduced our ask.

Summary of Contributions in the Past Quarter

  • Worked on bringing v0.6 and v0.7 of secret-toolkit, performance updates, and making sure dependencies are updated (PR #66)
  • Updated templates to use the latest toolkit.
  • Provided support to new and existing developers coming to the network including onenet and seanrad
  • Gave an introductory Cosmos & Secret presentation and a dev workshop in one of Turkey’s top universities.
  • Preparing higher quality presentations and workshops in Turkey.

Mentorship Program & Community Code Repositories (CCRs)

Mentorship program and CCRs will be discontinued this quarter.

After discussions with Secret University, we’ve decided to delegate the mentorship function to them. We are looking forward to working closer with them in this quarter.

The interest in CCRs have declined and the CCR program has mostly achieved its goals.

Moving Forward

In the next quarter, we will continue work primarily focusing on Developer Support and tooling/template updates and creation. We will be working closely with Secret University and start funneling developers we meet online and/or in person, for example during workshops we hold.

Funding & Team

  • Lumi: 5 hrs/week @$85/hr
  • Xiphiar: 5 hrs/week @$85/hr
  • Srdtrk: 7 hrs/week @$100/hr

The team is staying the same once more this quarter. We are open to replacing and/or adding new members to the team in the future if active community members show interest for the next quarter. Additionally, the team has decided to move the leadership of the committee to Srdtrk.

Since mentorship was never included in the working hours of team members’ hours, we’ve decided not to change the paid hours or the rates of any of the team members.

These funds will be used to compensate for the time that will be spent in:

  • Preparing for the coming mentioned workshops.
  • Provide support to existing and new devs in the network.
  • Prepare content for the dev calls.
  • Provide toolkit updates and support.

For a total ask of $18,600.


We will vote yes, happy to see dev committee collab with SeanRad and Secret university to improve the DevEx on secret.