Dev Committee Q4 Funding Proposal

Dev Committee Q4 Funding Proposal


The past quarter has been extremely productive for the Dev Committee and has resulted in some of the most significant contributions we’ve made to the network yet. We added Srdtrk to our team who has proven to be a great asset and a very knowledgable developer. We’ve made major contributions to the Secret Toolkit that have modernized our storage systems, and have found multiple bugs in the Shockwave upgrade and relayed info to Slabs to help fix it, as well as contributed to the re-worked documentation. We hope to continue our work for another quarter and continue to contribute to the network.

Tooling and Template and Bugfixes

Upgrades and creation of new tooling and templates for developers has been the highlight of this past quarter. We have:

  • Updated multiple templates to CW 1.0 to be used as a project starting point or for reference.
  • Worked on bringing v0.4 and v0.5 of secret-toolkit, and making sure it works on cosmwasm v1.0 (PRs #53, #55, and #64 (to be merged)) - Over 5000+ lines of code added and a total of 7000+ lines of code changed.
  • Worked on bugfixes, performance updates, and maintenance of secret toolkit (PRs #48, #54 and #57)
  • Reported multiple bugs related to cosmwasm 1.0 in secretjs, core protocol, and secret/cosmwasm and helped fix one of them (PR )

Tooling and template development will continue to be a mainstay in our operations, while bug hunting in updates will be less prevalent since we have already completed the update to CW 1.0.

Developer Support

There has been a significant increase in developers requesting assistance in dapp development in the network. This is a healthy sign that the developer ecosystem is growing and is indeed much larger than it was earlier in the year. We have not only been assisting developers that started out on SN, but acting as a resource collaborating with BizDev to give technical assistence to external enterprises that are integrating SNs privacy features into their own products.

Speaking of BizDev collaboration, we’ve also started a program to collect CVs and resumes of interested developers looking to be paired with these enterprises integrating products into SN. Please email us @

We anticipate that moving forward developer support will become a greater priority for our committee and more time will be devoted to developer assistance.

Mentorship Program & Community Code Repositories (CCRs)

CCRs and Mentorship was in less demand than it was the previous quarter. We believe this can be attributed both the larger developer community who are seen answering questions directly in the discord server, and the completion of the new network documentation we contributed to which makes learning to develop on Secret Network much easier. Thus with decreased demand we will be scaling down these programs.

Written Content

This past quarter contributed to the new developer documentation which is a significant improvement over the old dev docs and moving forward this will speed up onboarding and education significantly. We do not currently anticipate more work on this unless it is requested by those who manage and maintain the docs, for which funding will be acquired seperately and not part of the normal dev committee budget.

Moving Forward

Next quarter we will continue work primarily focusing on Developer Support and tooling/template updates and creation. Work to add new additions to the storage toolkit is ongoing currently, including Keysets and the ablity to disable certain functionalities in Keymaps to increase efficiency. Developer support has been getting more and more demand, and to handle the influx of builders from outside SN we are accepting CVs for developers to fill hours we do not have, and assist the community in finding work.

The Team

  • Lumi

    1. Dev call (1 hr/week)
    2. Template development & Updating (1 hr/week)
    3. Community asks (1 hrs/week)
    4. Dev support (3 hr/week)
  • Xiphiar

    1. Dev call (1 hr/week)
    2. Dev support in mostly js related issues (1 hr/week)
  • Srdtrk

    1. Dev call (1 hrs/week)
    2. Updating tooling (such as secret-toolkit) and testing updates / bug hunting (6 hrs/week).


  • Lumi: 5 hrs/week @$85/hr
  • Xiphiar: 2 hrs/week @$85/hr
  • Srdtrk: 7 hrs/week @$100/hr

I’m recommending Srdtrk gets paid a higher amount because he has taken initiative on some of the heaviest technical work that has been accomplished in this committee. The creation of the new secret-toolkit updates storage package is thanks to his technical expertise.

Total lead ask: $15,540.

The mentorship program will continue as before at 2hr/week x3 mentors at $85/hr. (A reduction of 2 mentors)

Total Mentorship program ask: $6,100.

The CCRs will continue. We expect 4 CCRs based on the previous funding periods, the max reward for CCRs will be set at $2500. (A reduction of 3 CCRs from last quarter)

Total CCR ask: $10,000.

For a total ask of $31,640

With 10% Volatility Buffer: $34,804


You guys are killing it!

Proud to support your next quarter’s efforts :100:. I can also attest to @srdtrk’s expertise and excellent mentoring. He’s pretty freaking awesome.


is there a # of mentorship positions open? i assume that people might still be willing to join but just dont really know if there is place and what the requirements are.

could you guys update this documentation section: Development - Secret Network Documentation
and put some information there regarding applying to a mentorship position and also the email with the enterprise interest form?

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This older thread was accidentally linked in the gov prop. The actual forum prop for Q1 2023 is here:

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maybe you can edit the original post too, to add a disclaimer at the start, since people are unlikely to scroll down here