Deleted Q2 2021 transparency report for foundation

This thread is to ask why the public post (from tor / foundation) on the forums for the Q2 2021 transparency report has been deleted. If you search you can still find the report reshared by winston Disclosure of June 2021 OTC Event - Secret Foundation - #7 by winston but the actual post that included statements from the foundation regarding the report has been removed since the OTC Scam disclosure. Because this specific report covered the time where the OTC scam was reported to have occurred I’m asking why those posts are suddenly gone?

Tagging those who worked at foundation during that time and had knowledge of these events.
cc @tor @Patrick @JXR50 @Carter-Woetzel @Brendan

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This was answered in the Secret Governance Telegram group, but for those that didn’t see it I’ll post your summary here so that they don’t think it hasn’t been answered.

The answer being, there’s nothing indicating that any forum post about this was deleted, it may have just never been posted on the forum in the first place. It was posted on Discord and is still on there.

For the parts that are censored above

It has not been definitively proven that the post in question was never made. It is only known that with proper permissions, traces of its removal could have been deleted and that subsequent transparency reports were posted on the forums. Additionally, Carter did not state that he did not remember the post being made on the forums while presenting his thoughts on the situation. Instead, he shared a viewpoint where he believed it was not posted, referencing other data points that could have been manipulated. At this time, it is not possible to confirm whether the post was made or not. Furthermore, it is relevant to note that at the time of these reports being discussed, the foundation, specifically Carter, was facing criticism from myself and the community for communicating one-sided information. This led to a change in leadership of gov calls, with Ranger becoming the governance lead for a short period in the history of the Secret Network. Since it cannot be definitively proven whether the post was made or not, we should instead focus on why the Q2 2021 report (and 2020 + Q1 2021) was not widely shared by TOR, aside from a post on the discord during the live governance call. There have been reports from known and active community members that there are other events they have knowledge of being covered up in the same realm as the OTC scam. It would be beneficial to know what these events are and if they occurred while the foundation was putting the least amount of effort into sharing the reports and engaging in conflicts with the community over taxes and transparency. One such instance was the end of 2020 when Eric Tor Bair stated that he would leave the Secret Network if any changes to the tax were made. Paired with his recent statement, such as “But multiple proposals were indeed passed that allowed the foundation to continue operating in its structure despite this fact (not receiving NPO status) being public knowledge”, it presents a different narrative than what is currently being presented by Eric Tor Bair.


it may have just never been posted on the forum

, then why not just post it rightaway ? More visibility seems only good for transparency.

Not everyone uses Discord or Telegram.


Here’s a link to the file on Google Docs Secret Foundation - Q2 2021.pptx - Google Slides

We’ll put all past transparency reports into one easy to find location soon, as well as all future ones.


Just for reference. This was something the community asked for in July 2022 proposal with asks from community to the Foundation. When I followed up on this, on December 1st I was told

“so, following up on this – tor basically said to put a web page with foundaton transparency reports in my backlog, but not to worry about it right now as forums will suffice”

“Add a section to the website with links to each transparency report from the Secret

Here’s all of them in one place:

Q1 2021 Secret Foundation - Q1 2021 - Google Drive

Q2 2021 Secret Foundation - Q2 2021.pptx - Google Drive

Q3 2021 Secret Foundation - Q3 2021.pdf - Google Drive

Q4 2021 Q4 2021 SF TR.pdf - Google Drive

Q1 2022 Q1 2022 SF TR.pdf - Google Drive

Q2 2022 Q2 2022 SF TR.pdf - Google Drive

We’re currently working on Q3 and Q4 and will be publishing both soon, and will also be putting all of these into an easier to find location on the main website.


Any update on these being put in an easier to find place?