Cybertech Africa 2023

ABOUT CYBERTECH: Rwanda pan-African Cybertech Africa coming up Agusut 1-2 From lectures to plenary sessions and VIP speakers, Cybertech Africa 2023 will feature an extensive exhibition for multinational companies and SMBs alike, as well as a Startup Pavilion, where young and innovative startups display their cutting-edge technologies.

Official website:
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Location: Rwanda Kigali Convention Centre Address: KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali
Date: August 1–2nd, 2023

Expectation: Be a speaker at the event and speak on Blockchain and Securing Cryptocurrency alongside some notable individuals such as Director, National Security Council, Israel, Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda, Minister of ICT, Rwanda, CEO, Bank of Kigali, Rwanda, Head, Africa Cybercrime Operations Desk, Cybercrime Directorate, Interpol, Singapore, Vice President, Emerging Markets, Silicon Valley Bank, USA, and many others. List of speakers here: Speakers | Cybertech Africa 2023

Cybertech Africa will look ahead at the future cyber trends and developments that are expected in sectors such as Blockchain, agriculture, healthcare, finance, security, and more.

Secret Network can play a crucial role in addressing privacy concerns within various sectors discussed at Cybertech Africa:

Secret Network offers a privacy-focused solution that can address critical problems in various sectors. In agriculture, it enables the secure sharing of sensitive data, protecting proprietary information while fostering collaboration. In healthcare, we ensure patient privacy in data sharing for research and analytics. Financial sectors benefit from enhanced privacy and security for transactions and sensitive financial data. We also strengthen cybersecurity measures by enabling secure communication and private data storage.
By incorporating Secret Network Privacy as a Service, organizations prioritize privacy, data protection, and secure collaboration in an interconnected digital landscape.

Why should the community pay for this and not The Agency or Foundation?

By supporting Secret Network’s participation, the community demonstrates its commitment to driving adoption, expanding the network’s reach, and maximizing its impact in the industry. This opportunity aligns with the network’s goals of promoting its capabilities, generating leads, and contributing to the long-term sustainability and success of Secret Network.

Cybertech will provide Secret Network with the following:

  • Logo placement on the event’s website as a media partner (Already added: Sponsor logos | Cybertech Africa 2023)
  • Logo placement on event marketing materials as a media partner;
  • Detailed event description and pre-event press release;
  • Free media passes for representative(s).

Opportunities AT Cybertech Africa:

  • Speaker on Blockchain and Securing Cryptocurrency: Highlighting how Secret Network takes a different approach
  • Showcase Secret’s cutting-edge technology: This provides an opportunity to attract VCs, builders, and partners who are specifically interested in exploring new technologies and advanced cybersecurity solutions on the Blockchain.
  • Networking and Biz Dev Opportunity: Leverage the event’s networking opportunities to connect with key stakeholders in the African cybersecurity ecosystem, including government officials, industry leaders, and VCs. Actively engage in business matching sessions facilitated by the event organizers to identify potential partnership opportunities and explore synergies with other participants, such as PAAS.
  • Pitch Secret Network and dApps solving similar problems as Cyber Security.
  • Help web2 firm onboard to Web3 leveraging Secret Tech
  • Generate Leads

In summary, this is an excellent opportunity to connect, explore, pitch, and expose Secret to Speakers, Attendees, and other Cybertech firms to utilize Blockchain and Secret Network PAAS.
Overall, participating in Cybertech Africa 2023 can provide Secret Network with a platform to demonstrate its capabilities, establish valuable connections, gain market insights, and contribute to the cybersecurity ecosystem in Africa.

Budget Request

Total: $2,660

That 100% sounds like something that the Agency should be paying.

Do you want to go to the community pool with this?

The Agency doesn’t have the funds to cover for the expenses.

I plan on going on chain :slight_smile:

Can confirm. Unfortunately we (Agency) do not have resources to fund this, although we 100% would if we did. This is a huge opportunity for Pope & Secret Network in Africa.

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the no with veto seems absolutely malicious to me, this is a reasonable, honest ask. just vote no if you don’t agree. shameful

No it’s not malicious in any way.

I clearly told the proposer in the gov call (see the gov call notes here: Gov Agenda/Notes 2023/06/26 - Google Docs) that this completely out of scope for the community pool and should be paid by agency.
If agency can’t or doesn’t want to pay (because they prefer to pay their leads first, which is their choice), then the community pool should not take the hit for it.

is he not allowed to ask? seems like you are trying to silence honest actors to me. i don’t like your vote

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This is the Agenda for the Cybertech Africa Conference, Secret is a partner as the event and I will be speaking on Blockchain and Securing Cryptocurrency alongside with the ED Africa Blockchain Institute.

Government officials and other great speakers will be present at the event.

This is a great opportunity to network and generate leads at the events since we are only two speakers focused on Blockchain.

We didn’t pay for sponsorship, it was free.


Please @SecretSkrillah don’t get me wrong, but the Secret Agency is a centralized organization, no one can directly onchain a vote there and even if they could the decision is up to 2-3 people

Any member of the Secret community should be able to submit an ask to the community treasury whether it’s because the Agency just refuses for no reason or like in this case the Agency doesn’t have enough funds

It would just show more if the community really cares about the proposal, that’s why we have decentralized governance, what I consider a problem is the bad behavior of a few validators, I am not referring to @SecretSaturn , but rather to other validators who do not participating/sabotage governance


Closing the loop on this. @Thepopeblack reached out to us in light of the vote not passing.

We feel that this is an important initiative and @Thepopeblack has been nothing but great towards Secret. We therefore agreed to fund his trip and additional swag.


Thank you on behalf of all of us at Secret Agency :slight_smile:


Happy to see this.
I know @Thepopeblack is gonna do a great job.


Thanks so much to the community, Secret Agency, and Secret Labs for their support!
I know we all strive towards the greatness of Secret.

Looking forward to representing Secret at Cybertech Africa!
Onward and Forward!


OMG this is so awesome to hear @guy :heart: