Timing for Weekly Governance Discussions

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Recently, Enigma’s team has been organizing weekly meetings every Friday to discuss governance of the Secret Network. You can read summaries of these conversations in our weekly community updates here on the forum. I think we should change the day of these calls to accommodate our developers, based in Tel Aviv, who are working Sunday-Thursday. Initially, we gathered feedback in the Secret Network RocketChat, and it seems like Wednesday around 4pm UTC is most convenient for the dev team. Now, I am sharing this poll here to gather additional input:

Which day should we have our weekly governance discussion?

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

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Community Leadership

If any member of the Secret Network community ever wants to coordinate a meeting, all are welcome to use our instance of Jitsi, the open-source video conferencing platform:

Start a new discussion: meet.scrt.network

Perhaps we should collectively decide the agenda for these governance discussions here on the forum. We could have a thread for each meeting. Our next call is at the regular time on Friday this week:


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Network Coordination

Currently, Enigma’s team is focused on testing secret contract functionality and improving the onboarding processes for validators and secret app developers.

If you’re interested in running a node, check out this walkthrough of how to launch a secret node with Intel SGX enabled. You can also fill out this form to express interest in Secret Games, our incentivized testnet program. Validators and other participants will earn rewards denominated in SCRT, the native currency of the Secret Network.

If you are building applications that need private computation, visit our documentation site to familiarize yourself with the Secret Network protocol and check out our evolving contract development guide. You can also submit this developer community form to indicate how you’d like to contribute. If you want to jump into the code base, see open issues with the “help-wanted” tag.

Please let us know any ideas or questions. Your help is much appreciated :male_detective: