(Community Spend Proposal) Citadel.one to integrate SNIP-20 tokens, sSCRT Converter, and Secret Bridges into Mobile & Web Versions

I also agree with Laura’s first 3 options. I like the proposal but I don’t think we should be using >15% of the community pool for that.

To put that in perspective, it would take around 5 months for the community pool to accumulate another 150k SCRT.


Another thing to note is that if the community didnt push back on massive asks then the pool would be at roughly 200k left if the cosmostation ask, original figment ask, and this ask all had gotten accepted.

People are paying attention. We will be overwhelmed with 100k+ scrt requests soon after we let one of them through.


Hi Vlad,

Thank you for putting up this proposal and for Citadel.one to be part of the Secret Network ecosystem.

I agree with the feedback given by @moonstash @laura @baedrik @SecretTaz and @mumuse.
Specifically, I think Laura has put forth great options as potential paths forward and would support one of the first 3.

My preference goes to option 3: “Reduce the SCRT requested by changing the scope of the proposal to be mobile-only.” The reason for this is simply because I believe it to be the most balanced option, meeting everyone’s interest including Citadel.

Citadel would want payments to happen in tree instalments, so there is room for flexibility. Perhaps a “rescheduling” such that mobile is prioritized and for the other features there be a new proposal further down the line?


We integrated Secret Network to Citadel.one web using our own funds. Now we are working on integration of SN to mobile app also without asking any funds. We were not planning to add SNIP-20 so early, but heard a lot of requests from the users and some other validators, so put aside some primarily plans to respond for the community request.
“Unnamed Validator” sounded a bit sad to me, taking into account that we have almost 3mln SCRT delegated to us. But ok, no offense taken, we will work further to make our name more famous, haha. Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you everyone for the feedback!
We took into account each of your opinion, will make adjustments to the proposal and release new details tomorrow. I’m glad we have an active and not an indifferent community. Really happy to be a part of it!


Not sure why option 2 is not a “guaranteed outcome”

If this is good for the ecosystem & would allow it to grow & has the positives you have stated then why?

Thank you @moonstash @laura & all for your extensive feedback!

We’ve closely considered all the possible opportunities and decided to request funding of 100 000 SCRT solely for the mobile integration. That is being said, for the web version, we are still going to proceed with the development even though all the costs will be covered by the team. It is our strongest belief that SNIP-20 integration into both web and mobile versions of Citadel.one will bolster the onboarding of new users into the Secret ecosystem.

Going to push the on-chain proposal closely.


@tor @moonstash @guy would option 2 proposed by @laura’s work?

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At this juncture I’m going to await the vital missing information before this decision should be made. How is the ecosystem fund going to be used and is this proposal better suited for that? Source of funding matters a lot here. There is no friction from me if its not asking for 100-150k out of 890k scrt.


Happy New Year for tonight Vlad

Mate, Not sure I would describe our collection of minds as " Indifferent ".

Obviously a typo But these things matter Vlad.

Again Happy 2021

Sorry Vlad,

My turn to appologise

misread so will take your compliment as given
Again enjoy your New Year

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agree that the 100k SCRT is a big chunk of the pool ( just for the mobile element )
Laura indicated her support for the full proposal.
option 2 with 1/3 funded by the pool would seem to be the way forward
Have to delegate to you guys as to the true merit but this would make 2 large spends in quick time.
So your caution is a valid argument.

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For anyone that wants to follow the discussion that needs to happen before this proposal should move forward. You can follow along here.


The major benefit that I can see from your proposal is the exposure your users will get to our ecosystem. Therefore I think your proposal will be improved if you can speak in terms of exposure, reach and return on investment. I think this can be achieved by a couple of things.

  1. Provide data on how many of your users hold the erc20 tokens that will be part of the bridge
  2. Provide data on the $ value of the wallets that hold the erc20 tokens that will be part of the bridge.

In addition, I think it will be an extra value to our ecosystem if you advertise and market to your users in order to increase the on boarding to our ecosystem. I think this can be achieved in several ways.

  1. Place ads in your applications promoting the use of the secret ecosystem. I.ex The first thing your users see when they enter your application should be “convert your eth token to secretETH today!” And then a link to the conversion tool.
  2. Give reward incentives for people to swap their tokens into the snip20 format
  3. Give reward incentives for people to bridge mine

I think incorporating this information and these strategies into your proposal will help people see the value that you bring. If the numbers make sense, I’m 100% behind this proposal.

I do agree with @moonstash that other funding avenues via the foundation or ecosystem fund, should be explored as well.


@neshtedle @_iamVlad

I like your proposal. I would also like to see the following implemented in your application.

Include secret network on the iOS description.
Include secret network on the app home page with description
Include secret network on each advertisement in the ap
Include secret network bridge mining incentives
Have a prompt at each of the erc20 token wallet to covert to secreterc20. For example, whenever a user accesses link, have a prompt for the user to conger to secret link. Or to bridge mine link.

This creates tremendous value for secret network. And if you include these as part of proposal, I have a hard time imagining how anyone can say no.

Whether you are For or Against the merits of this large project.
The big question is how & who should fund large projects going forward
Encourage all to have a say on this topic

Hello, secret agents! New Year holidays have passed and Citadel.one is back to work :slightly_smiling_face:

We got a response from Enigma, and found out that Ecosystem pool was not designed to fund our proposal, thus, we will proceed with the community pool proposal.

I would also like to clear out some misleading points that have been made by some of the community members regarding the proposal and comment on other responses:

  1. The proposal not only includes snip20 compatibility, but also more advanced features:

a. Add SNIP-20 tokens to Citadel.one

b. Create viewing key

c. Send SNIP-20 tokens, add memo, set transaction commission

d. View SNIP-20 transactions history

e. SCRT -> secretSCRT / secretSCRT -> SCRT converter

f. Add AAVE, SNX, MKR, LINK, TUSD, YFI, UNI, KNC, COMP, DAI, BAND and OCEAN to Citadel.one (+ make transactions, add memo, set transaction commission, view transactions history)

g. Secret bridge

  1. Waiting for Cosmostation or Keplr to add same functionality to their wallets does not seem possible in the near future, because both Cosmostation and Keplr are Cosmos SDK wallets and they don’t support ERC20 tokens.

  2. For the same reason this proposal cannot be considered a double-spending, cause none of the mobile wallets or web platforms like puzzle.report have or even plan to have same functionality at all.

  3. Proposal only includes spendings for mobile wallet integration of snip20 (1), all supported ERC20 tokens (2), a SCRT-sSCRT converter (3) and Secret Bridge (4).
    Same features for citadel.one web platform (1,2,3,4) + Secret Network staking (5), Ledger support for Secret (6) and Secret staking for mobile are integrated using Citadel.one team own funds.

  4. Citadel.one team has no intention to drain or loot Secret Network Community Pool anyhow, while we all are interested in long term network growth. Citadel.one is an active Secret ecosystem contributor: we made prior integrations free of charge, we are one of the node operators involved in Secret Bridge maintenance, we also take part in committees, helped to start russian and french secret communities,
    provide 24/7 support to all secret network users. More than that, we agreed to lower down the request and agreed to integrate all those features to web version for free. Thus, taking into account all mentioned above, we find it inappropriate to refer to Citadel.one as looters.
    Moreover 100 000 SCRT will be reaccumulated within 3-4 months which is right around the period when all proposed integrations will be finished.

  5. There is an opinion that such integrations are not necessary and we can wait. Proposed integrations are the major developments of Secret Network so far. Of course, we can wait a year or three untill the price goes up, but without a convenient tool that has all major secret developments gathered in one friendly interface both on mobile and web, seems essential to us, especially during this alt bull run, when many investors will be turning their eyes towards new projects. It is essential to demonstrate that we not only have developments made, but also convenient tools to use them.
    Mobile app will help to onboard new users that prefer simplicity, web version will be also suitable for advanced users.

  6. All integrations mentioned in the proposal will be open-sources. Each milestone from the roadmap will be divided to subtasks and added to Jira atlassian. For each task in Jira our developers will be adding github branches. More than that we will add additional optimization to make this code more convenient to fork and use outside of citadel.one.

  7. As for the marketing and future support of Secret Network by citadel.one. We have long term plans for Secret Network and as already mentioned above - are one of the most active ecosystem contributors. We will launch an extensive marketing campaign to promote proposed integrations and organize 24/7 tech and info support.
    Some of the suggestions made by @Cryptojoe we also planning to add, namely:
    both iOS and Android will have secret network descriptions + there will be a secret token page. Also we consider adding a promo card on citadel.one landing page


The deeper we get into the bull run the less essential this feels. How many mobile users are going to rush to pay $50-100 or more to use the bridge on mobile? Most of the users who think that would be worth it are not trusting their funds on a mobile wallet or importing seeds on a closed source mobile wallet. As for the web stuff, Keplr already supports snip-20, puzzle has the majority of our snip20 work done and just need to finish the UI, and the bridge already works.

Everything being proposed here has a current solution other than snip20 mobile and that isn’t being proposed independently, its being packaged with other stuff. I have yet to hear a compelling argument for why this is vital right now today.

You’ve also yet to participate in more in depth discussions around governance and pool sustainability, instead you are focused on getting from the pool.

The more important conversation short term is still how should the pool be used? It’s interesting to hear the ecosystem fund, which exists to fund vital initiatives for the ecosystem, won’t fund this. It’s almost as if they want the fund to last a decade / well into the future. Spending 10%+ of the pool for something non essential is misuse of funds. We should also be aiming to have the pool reserves last us well into the future, especially if the ecosystem fund is going to be conservative and this is the only true source of funding the community gets a say on. Trying to rush through a spend proposal before this discussion is fully had is irresponsible.


Thanks for the answer. Some of the points that you made I find misleading again.
Regarding the features proposed, their value for secret network and community pool spending please, refer to the proposal itself and my previous comment. All arguments has been stated there.
This proposal and Citadel.one has nothing to do with ecosystem fund. Please discuss this issue in a designated forum topic.

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How to use the pool and this proposal are very related topics.

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You are the one who are stating funding by the community pools rather then a combined contribution from the other pools so most Definitely this is the Right topic for Ian to again raise his & for that matter my concerns about such a large funding from our relatively small Pool at this time. ( " May not have any intention of draining the Loot " but unfortunately would be doing so )
As the value of SCRT follows the Bull run of ETH & BTC maybe in the future when BTC/SCRT has improve by 1000% then funding is not an issue ( stand alone by the pool ) BUT as it stands Now joint contribution is required thus lobbying of those Fund by Your Organisation would be greatly Appreciated as an Active Ecosystem Contributor. Enigma & the Ecosystem Fund may not be presently designed to Fund your project But again the one constant in life is Change. The recent dilution of holdings to add funds to those 2 organisations should be the Trigger for such Change.
As is Your proposal for 10% plus, of our 2.5%, of the total funds available for projects like yours, a Trigger for Us. Just good fiscal business.
A Merc AMG is a great car but if buying it puts you under fiscal stress, the Ford will get you from A to B & be fiscally responsible. You would follow that path in your business & as custodians of the Pool, we all should be as mindful