[Community Pool Proposal] Secret Network Integration on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet & Mintscan Block Explorer

Secret Network integration on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet and Mintscan Block Explorer


Cosmostation (Stamper Co., Ltd.) proposes a community spend of 450,000 SCRT to integrate Secret Network on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet and Mintscan Block Explorer. After completion of deliverables, Cosmostation will continue to maintain & develop these products for Secret Network as the network expands and more functionalities become introduced.

Timeline: Within 45 days after proposal passes


  1. Secret Network integration on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet - 250,000 SCRT
  2. Secret Network integartion on Mintscan Block Explorer - 200,000 SCRT


Secret Network is at a pivotal time in its development and adoption with the recent launch of Secret Contracts and soon-to-be launching Cosmos Hub IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication). Through this community spend proposal, Cosmostation will provide the necessary infrastructure for users to seamlessly experience the functionalities of the network with a complete product cycle with our mobile wallet and block explorer.


The privacy features enabled by Secret Contracts enable you to perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. Cosmostation believes that Secret Network will no doubt play an important role in the blockchain privacy sector, with a wide range of use cases from decentralized finance to data stroage.

However, it is also important to note that the usefulness or innovation of a technology could easily get lost in translation without intuitive UI/UX. In the past, Cosmostation has worked with several Cosmos SDK based networks including the Cosmos Hub, Band Protocol, and Kava Network to name a few. The approach we take in delivering products for partners we closely work with is to provide as much functionality as possible to our users while keeping the user experience at a level comprehensible by the average user.

Both Cosmostation Mobile Wallet and Mintscan Block Explorer are engineered and updated through extensive UI/UX planning for networks we support. For example, while working with Kava Labs, we have delivered a full-fleshed mobile application with the ability for users to easily interact with Kava Network’s CDP & Money Market modules. Mintscan Block Explorer was also concurrently updated to display the transaction types for money market modules. One of the advantages we have by securing networks as a node operator and also developing end-user applications is the hands-on experience and knoweldge we have from directly interacting with both the protocol and the end-user.

Through this community proposal, we plan to integrate Secret Network on our products to provide a full product cycle.


Cosmostation Mobile Wallet for Android & iOS
Target completion date: Within 45 days after proposal passes
250,000 SCRT

  • Create wallet, Import wallet, Watch address
  • Check assets and delegation status
  • Send, delegate, claim rewards, re-invest, re-delegate
  • Transaction history tab with transaction details

Mintscan Block Explorer for Secret Network
Target completion date: Within 45 days after proposal passes
200,000 SCRT

  • Dashboard to monitor network condition
  • Comprehensive validator list & details
  • Block & Transaction history with details
  • Governance Proposals list

Post-deliverable - Maintenance & Iterations

  • Continued maintainence & development on Cosmostation Mobile and Mintscan
  • Support for app-specific modules and transactions types to be displayed on Mintscan Block Explorer
  • Support for Secret Network specific modules we see the need for users to have access to on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet

Payment & use of funds

We propose that the foundation acts as a custody of the funds until both Cosmostation Mobile Wallet and Mintscan Explorer are delivered before the target completion date.

Cosmostation is currently running a full node for our mobile wallet operation. Upon receiving the funds, Cosmostation will take 400,000 SCRT out of the total 450,000 SCRT received to lauch our validator node and self-delegate for a minimum of 1 year to align ourselves with the network and ensure the security of our operations.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is a non-custodial, open source mobile wallet that supports networks built with the Cosmos SDK. The application is purposely engineered to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to supporting application-specific modules. Cosmostation iOS & Android is the wallet of choice for the majority of users within the Cosmos SDK ecosystem. For more information on the history & functionality of Cosmostation Mobile Wallet, please refer to the blog posts below.

How HD wallets work - Cosmostation Mobile Under the Hood
Github-Open Source

Secret Network support on Cosmostation iOS

On October 16th, 2020 Cosmostation completed integrating Secret Network on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet for iOS and released an update. This update included the following functonalities for Secret Network: Create, import, watch wallet. Check assets. Send, Delegate, Claim rewards, Tx histroy.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet uses the official Secret Foundation derivation path m/44’/529’/0’/0/0. After release, we learned that most SCRT holders are currently using addresses imported from the old derivation path (m/44’/529’/0’/0/0) due to pre-existing wallets using the old path (thanks for the feedback @johnredie). On October 19th, we quickly released an update to support importing both the new and old derivation paths.

Mintscan Block Explorer

Mintscan is an explorer developed with heavy focus on the end-user’s convenience. Mintscan is used as the official block explorer for Tendermint-powered networks by most exchanges. Currently supports Cosmos Hub, Iris Hub, Binance Chain, Kava Network, Starname Network.

Value proposition to the community

Cosmostation maintains all products with high reliability and security. The mobile wallet application is completely non-custodial and open source with a proven track record and user base across most of the major networks built with the Cosmos SDK. Currently the Mobile Application supports the following Cosmos-SDK based networks: Cosmos Hub, Iris Hub, Band Protocol, Certik Chain, Kava Network, Binance Chain, OKChain, Starname Network. With IBC launch imminent, we are going through preparation for UI/UX changes to deliver our users with a seamless experience with the platitude of use cases inter-blockchian communication will bring. Networks supported on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet will have exposure to the existing userbase who will have the chance to experience IBC on the front-end level.

We develop, operate, and maintain all of our service in the spirit of the Cypherpunk manifesto. Our mission as a validator node operator and ecosytstem partner is to bring accessbility and usability to the networks we work with. I believe that the addition of Cosmostation Mobile Wallet and Mintscan Block Explorer to the already existing infrastructure on Secret Network will create a more vibrant ecosystem with a wide range of products/services with different value propositions users can choose from.

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator node infrasutrcuture provider and end-user application developer based in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to entering the node infrastructure landscape, Cosmostation specialized in applicaiton development, building non-custodial mobile wallets and web applications since 2017.

As a validator node operator with a strong focus on networks built with the Cosmos SDK, we secure various networks including the Cosmos Hub, Chainlink, Kava Network, Band Protocol, IRIS Hub, and many more. Cosmostation also develops and maintains powerful end-user applications for networks built with Tendermint. The suite of products include Mintscan Block Explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet (iOS, Android), Cosmostation Web Wallet, Keystation (end-to-end encrypted key manager for networks built with the Cosmos SDK), and open-source contributions for JavaScript development in Cosmos (CosmosJS).

We welcome any feedbacks on this proposal draft! Please visit our channels to learn more about Cosmostation.


Will this wallet support secret assets such as secretSCRT

Incase cosmostation isn’t familiar


Good Morning / Afternoon Cosmostation Team. (Stamper Co Ltd.)

This is wonderful to see larger validators proposing deliverables to the Secret Network Community.

Without going into too much detail, I must say that the 450K SCRT is pretty high.
Perhaps you are unaware, Secret Network has already had a block explorer proposal passed through the community pool.
While I am very aware of mintscan and its features, I don’t personally see the benefit for using more SCRT from the community pool to integrate into another explorer. Especially considering that mintscan is already a functioning explorer - just tweaking to add secret network capabilities.
By all means I personally think if Cosmostation team wants to integrate this later for current Cosmostation / mintscan user adoption, then perhaps you should look at doing this without funding from the SCRT Community Pool.

Secret Network could certainly use your mobile wallet. I think there needs to be some secret contract functionality added to your wallet for me to give the green light on 250K for it though.
I am for your wallet proposal & against your explorer proposal. Would you be able to split this into two proposals?


First of all, I want to say how great it is to have you guys in the community! I’m very excited to have a wallet with mobile capability for SCRT!

I largely agree with Dan. I think the wallet piece is an excellent addition to the ecosystem, and is deserving of a decent size community spend. I’ll break my comments down into 3 topics: 1) General Thoughts on proposal figures 2) Mintscan Block Explorer 3) Wallet.

  1. General Thoughts

Part of the issue when it comes to making comparisons for community spend is that older proposals happened in very uncertain times where SCRT had no liquidity (and thus one could argue no value), and the price of ENG was also low as a reference point. This resulted in very large SCRT figures for proposals. These SHOULD NOT be used as guidelines for future proposals from the community pool.

We have 916,729.6639 SCRT in the community pool now. Using 450k of that for a wallet and block explorer is unacceptable to me. Even at current low SCRT prices this represents $180,000 USD. This is enough for a top-notch developer’s entire yearly salary for features that can be implemented in 45 days or less.

In all future proposals asking for community funds I ask that we be reasonable for the longevity of the network. The website proposal at 20,000 SCRT was a good example to me. That is a fair value for the work delivered (actually I’d argue it was a bit low). Same goes for the proposal for the Walking Frames SCRT video at 6,000 SCRT. The best example is the Staky.io discussion around creating developer education tools. Whether that one passes or not the team put ahuge amount of effort into breaking down exactly what they’re proposing, why they’re requesting what they’re requesting, etc. It was a fair breakdown and a fair request.

  1. Block Explorer

We already have a couple block explorers. It’s most definitely beneficial to have numerous explorers in the ecosystem, but paying 200,000 SCRT (~$80,000 USD) for integration into an existing explorer with no additional features is ludicrous. Puzzle.Report was passed asking for 200,000 SCRT at a time where the value of SCRT was unknown. Furthermore, Puzzle.Report was proposed as much more than just a Block Explorer and included commitments to develop many new features. The Secret LLC team has already delivered some of these new features like off-chain voting, reporting, and has many plans for added features in the future.

I would support the Mintscan implementation only at a much, much lower ask. Someone who is more familiar with Development could probably weigh in on what’s reasonable here to add SCRT. I wouldn’t imagine it takes no more than a couple days of work.

  1. Wallet

I am onboard with the wallet piece of this proposal. SCRT does not yet have mobile functionality and that has potential to be a big add to the ecosystem. I would once again ask if the amount requested is fair for the 45 day timeline, but generally I can get onboard with some high-ish amount for this piece.

My original basis would be something like: Developer full-day rate = $800 * 45 days = $36,000 USD = 90,000 SCRT. I think these are the types of breakdowns that should be given in proposals.

I hope this doesn’t come off as too harsh. It’s not the intent to feel like a roadblock, or be negative. I think we just have to be careful what precedents are being set when it comes to community proposals, and keep in mind that these funds are needed for the long-haul.



I’m going to keep this short. I absolutely support cosmostation entering the ecosystem and building all of these things and even reached out to say as much yesterday!

But asking for 450k SCRT, half our community pool, is an automatic no from me.

You have to understand that the community pool fills up at a very slow speed right now and if we deplete it then we all just have to depend on the Secret Foundation to fund things and they only focus on Growth and Marketing. Depleting the pool like this would be irresponsible for me to support.

If the asking amount goes down drastically then you will find me being one of your largest supporters


I am also a hard no. The goal of the community pool is to promote mass adoption of the network, and this proposal will do very little compared to what keplr already does. I think it’s best for our funds to be directed at promoting one product that works extremely well and does everything we need. Than a bunch of products doing similar things.
If anything I would be more supportive of adding functionalities to keplr such as scrt-20 tokens, secret eth, secret btc, scrt derivatives etc.
at this point this is a hard no for me. We have other more pressing wallet upgrades to fund than a redundant product.
As we get more adoption, we will get more leverage in these negotiations, therefore I propose that we wait before adding redundant products and functionality.


Agree with others. Too expensive.
May improve our business model but would also improve Cosmostation’s to have a Token like SCRT in it’s stable.
Cost of setup is fair not full retail

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Secret Assets will be supported on both the mobile wallet and explorer. On our Kava Network and Binance Chain Wallet, we support their network-specific assets like Kava’s USDX, HARD, and Binance’s BEP-8, BEP-2. You can expect the same level of integration for Secret Network.


Thank you @MrGarbonzo @dbriggsie @Brendan @moonstash @Cryptojoe @MickeyT for the detailed feedback.

We feel that a lot of the points made here are valid concerns. The amount proposed was a number we settled on after looking at some of the governance proposals in the past - after reading through the comments, we acknowledge and understand that this amount may seem large at this current stage of the network.

We will discuss and take into account these feedbacks internally to adjust the figures and contents of this proposal. We respect the contributions and developments made by the community thus far. We will flexibly explore ways we can fit the community’s appetite while setting the foundations for a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run.


I greatly appreciate you hearing the feedback from our community and am looking forward to reviewing your updates to the draft. :vulcan_salute:t5:


Hi @Cosmostation
Regarding Mintscan, is this about adding Secret Network to mintscan.io, or open sourcing an explorer and all it’s components?

There’ll be some unique features the community would want to add to Mintscan’s TX support.