Community Guidelines

We value the transparency and openness of our community. In order to protect this space, below are our community rules. Violations of these rules may result in the temporary or permanent loss of access to our communities.

Our team will never DM you. No user or team member should ever ask you to send them money or information, especially not members of the moderation team. Please contact any available moderators or report in a public channel immediately if this happens to you.

We encourage everyone to be an active and positive participant in the community. Your contributions shape the community’s environment!

1. Stay on Topic

Keep discussions relevant to Secret Network - the technology, the applications being built, the community, etc.

2. No Spamming or Soliciting

Avoid excessive repetitive content, no promoting of ICOs, no shilling, no self-promotion, or advertising of outside projects.

3. Maintain Respectful Behavior

Treat all members with respect and kindness. Harassment, bullying, personal attacks, threats, or any form of discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

4. No Misinformation

Misinformation refers to any inaccurate, false, misleading, or deceptive information, or personal opinions presented as factual. This includes but is not limited to: fabricated news, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, altered images or videos, unverified claims, and distorted statistics.

5. Use Appropriate Language

The use of profanity and other vulgar language will not be tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, and any other discriminatory language. This also goes for images or other media posted in the group.

6. Protect Privacy

Do not share personal or confidential information about others. Respect privacy and data protection.

7. No Multiple Accounts

Do not use multiple accounts for the purpose of bypassing strikes or attempting to influence community sentiment.

8. No Impersonation

Do not impersonate other members, moderators, or individuals.

9. Keep it Legal

Do not discuss or participate in illegal activities.


In the past, moderation of official Secret Network community channels has been handled by a mix of core team members (SCRT Labs and Secret Network Foundation) and community members. No specific moderation process was ever established which resulted in many past moderation decisions being made by individuals.

We’re aiming to change that by formalizing this set of rules, creating a new moderation team consisting mostly of community members, and requiring group consensus on moderation actions. Additional community moderators may be added over time.

The initial moderation team will consist of:






Red eyed bear


When a user breaks one of the above rules, a moderator will first warn the user and specify which rule is being broken. If the user continues to break this rule, a moderator will notify the moderation team, and action will then be taken. Moderation actions will consist almost entirely of temporary mutes, which can last from between 15 minutes to a week, depending on the severity and number of repeat offenses. Longer term mutes will require group consensus. Only in severe cases will permanent bans be considered, and we hope to avoid ever having to permanently ban a community member.

We welcome the community’s feedback on all of the above! We hope that this new set of guidelines will result in a more positive community environment.


I fully agree, except for point 9

With reference to the Cryptoanarchy Manifesto which was written by Timothy C. May in 1988 as part of a protest ( Crypto Wars ) against the attempt to ban cryptographic technology in the US and the period from which Cypherpunk culture springs, I would like to object to point 9 (If there is anyone on the Secret Network team who has not read the Cryptoanarchy Manifesto, I have a feeling they have no business in their position)

  1. In many countries advanced encryption technologies are banned, this makes any discussion, application development or just using Secret Network illegal for these people, protection from the state totalitarian dystopian apparatus is the primary task of Tor Browser, Monero and also if you haven’t missed it Secret Network ( We can observe this problem primarily in totalitarian countries, but recently in the European Union was discussed banning E2E Encryption, thus in the EU became for example the use of Telegram or Signal practically illegal )

  2. In many totalitarian states, citizens have no choice but to use forms of black market and grey economy, I consider this to be any state that restricts its own use of any drugs ( These include Ketamine and Aderral, but also many other medications )

  3. the Secret Network is technology neutral, the forum is not a state apparatus and no ideology ( not even the state one ) should rule here, I have nothing against staying on topic and other rules that are logical and do not expressly support any government.

I would like to add that if the proposal passes in its current form, I intend to ignore rule 9.

Let’s keep the discussion respectful, free and open :v:


Also can we ban Leor from using abbreviations? I have to constantly look at Urban Dictionary because of the little-known acronyms this guy uses (sometimes made up by himself):joy: