Semi-Formal Interview?

Greetings, I have recently joined the group and this is my first Topic post. I was suggested a Zoom meeting when I first inquired about Secret. I found Secret on Youtube via a Twitter post - on my public profile.

A Zoom or telephone meeting with any team member sounds great - I would like an opportunity to introduce myself, share my interest in the project, and share my passion for crypto/blockchain/smartcontracts. I would like to find my place within the community.

I joined the Telegram - Secret Network Official, under this profile name.

I am not sure if Secret takes the “wait and see” approach (monitoring activity and posts) or if there is a semi-formal interview process for individuals who are serious about contributing.

Either way, I am interested in getting to know some team members personally, not publicly.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Hey! Welcome to the community :slight_smile: We welcome contributions of all kinds.

There are numerous community committees you can contribute to:

These include Education, Awareness, Development, Infrastructure, and Governance.

We recommend you sit in on one or more of our recurring weekly calls - the calendar is in the link I shared above. It will help you understand where you can plug into ongoing projects!

In addition, you can speak with our team and community in the Secret Chat.

Welcome again!
~ Tor