Cannot build core container from enigma-docker-network due to method named 'trim_end_matches'

Hey I have problem in creating the core container in hardware mode running on Ubuntu 16.04. Actually, I have posted the issue in Github, but since the forum is more responsive, let me also put the link here.

Any comment or help is appreciated, either here or in Github. Thanks before :slight_smile:

Hi @bandrosCake , this seems like it may be a different problem, but another issue w/ the container was resolved through updating Docker. See: Problem with the millionaire problem
Let me know if that does or doesn’t resolve this issue…

Hi @ainsley, thank you for your reply.
However I’ve updated my docker-compose version from 1.23.1 to 1.23.2 but still encounter the same problem…

It seems that trim_end_matches is a new function and the old compiler is not compatible with it based on this post. Is there any way I can upgrade my rustc version inside the container?

I tried updating it outside the container but doesnt give any effect…

I just found out that the error also appears in the simulation mode…

Hey @bandrosCake thanks for your patience. I’m sorry to hear you’re still having an issue. I’ll see if anyone has suggestions on our end.

Hi @bandrosCake, this is strange because I cannot reproduce your error. I have rebuilt all my docker containers from scratch, and mine compile fine, and they boot up fine as expected.

Is there anything you have changed or modified to fit your setup?

Thanks for the reply @ainsley and @victor.
I don’t remember modifying anything to fit my setup, because I’ve never used Intel SGX before, so I think I just followed the instruction.
However I didnt really pay attention to the version of npm, scrypt, nodejs, and node-gyp package needed for the installation. I just used the packages came from the installation of my Ubuntu. Is there any preferred version of those packages?

Hi @bandrosCake,

The new beta developer release is out. Refer to this forum post.

The previous Docker release referred above has been deprecated and archived.