Building engima_core - undefined references

Seemingly simple to fix, I am having difficulty building the enigma_core from within the docker image.
Git pull, create the docker image, start it up, cd to enigma_core/enigma_core and run make.

When linking Enclave_u.c unresolved symbols like u_stdin_ocall and u_fs_open64_ocall are thrown. There are 30 or 40. I can provide more detail as necessary, but I must be missing something. Wrong branch? I started messing with the version spec of the rust libraries for sgx as this seems to be the problematic libraries.

Oh, there is a /dev/isgx on the Intel NUC running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and Docker 18.09.5.

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Did a pull this morning on enigma-core. All is well - next door has opened!

Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 15.13s

Cargo => enigma-core-app
mkdir -p ./bin
cp ./app/target/release/enigma-core-app bin/enigma-core-app
CC <= enclave/Enclave_t.c
mkdir -p ./lib
cp /root/sgx/compiler-rt/libcompiler-rt-patch.a ./lib
LINK => enclave/

0 0 0x40000 0x8000000 1 1 0 0 0xFFFFFFFF tcs_num 1, tcs_max_num 1, tcs_min_pool 1 The required memory is 138039296B. Succeed. SIGN => bin/ Compiled as: release

Hi @dougm – you may have already noticed, but we’ve also opened up the developer release of Discovery which should walk you through setting up a local environment in either hardware or simulation mode.

Let me know if this helps / gets you to the next stage.