Call to Action: HackSecret III is on the Horizon!

The Secret Network Foundation is excited to invite our community to engage in the upcoming HackSecret III, slated for Q2. Reflecting on the success of HackSecret 2024, which garnered over 30 innovative submissions, as well as the recent ETHDenver, ETHRome, and ETHBucharest hackathon winners, we’re eager to maintain and amplify this momentum. Our aim is to attract new talent to Secret Network, encouraging development both natively and cross-chain.

HackSecret III will be a unique opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and creativity. It will feature two main tracks: a native deployment track for those looking to build entirely on Secret Network, and a cross-chain deployment track for those interested in creating cross-chain dApps using bridging technologies like SecretPath and Axelar GMP. We also plan to feature additional tracks focusing on specific EVM chains that we support with our cross-chain confidential computation tooling, which will be great opportunities for cross-community marketing and can help to increase our overall prize pool. For example, we might have a “Polygon-Secret” track featuring a $5,000 bounty provided by the Polygon team, requiring developers to build a dApp using both chains.

To ensure the success of HackSecret III, we’re requesting funds from the community pool in the amount of 20,000 SCRT.

These funds will solely be dedicated to rewarding the winning projects in this hackathon. As with previous iterations, HackSecret III will be organized by the SNF and hosted on the Dorahacks platform. These funds would be held in a wallet owned by SNF, and would be distributed to winners with full transparency.

Note that in the future, bounties like this will form part of SNF’s overall marketing budget request from the community, rather than being posed as a single item request.

This initiative is not just about the competition; it’s about coming together as a community to foster innovation, collaboration, and the growth of the Secret Network. Join us in making HackSecret III a stepping stone for new developers and a showcase of the groundbreaking potential of our confidential computing technology.

We’re making this forum post to get initial feedback from the community. After one week of discussion, our plan is to submit this as an on-chain proposal.




I can verify that this is the real Seanrad from SNF, he hadn’t created a forum account before.

I fully agree that we need to continue with the momentum that we’ve had from the past few Ethereum conference and HackSecret hackathons. I’m most excited about featuring EVM-specific tracks for upcoming EVM chains that we’re going to be bringing Secret’s confidential computation tooling to. We’re currently in conversation with 7 different EVM chains, most of which we met at ETHDenver, which should all be turning into partnership announcements over the next few weeks. These will give Secret exposure to new developer communities, and we’re going to be inviting these chains to join our upcoming hackathons and sponsor dedicated cross-chain tracks, which will also increase the overall prize pool we’re able to offer beyond this initial 20k SCRT we’re requesting.


Update: the on-chain proposal passed, and HackSecret 3 is scheduled for May 20th - June 20th!

Since this is a community-funded initiative, I’d like to ask the community, what would you like to see built on Secret? We can include a list of suggested projects as part of the hackathon guidelines. Feel free to post ideas here!


Getting some nice cross-ecosystem exposure from this!

I will be building an expense splitter contract. I believe that my design is the next evolution of the community fund allowing organizations the autonomy to be effective while simultaneously allowing the community to reward effective organizations and move away from ineffective ones. You will set your own preferred allocation in a format simmilar to this

everones preffered allocations will be averaged together by voting weight to reach an actual allocation

This solution will put the community on the same page because one organization does not have a monopoly on community funds and allows for new innovative ideas the opportunity to prove themselves without having to integrate with already existing opperations, creating an exceptionally nimble innovation feedback loop!


p.s. if you an easy going contract dev, I wouldn’t mind a partner for this hackathon

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:zap::clap: HackSecret III is imminent