By mistake have sent LP to the BSC chain, maybe, I think , on SecretSwap?

“provided " a pair in the pool But had someone distracting me & I have create a “pair” that I did not mean.
Again did not check the green " transaction window” . Just a right royal stuff up of $10k.

Have found the transaction & all that I can see is my address has "interacted with secret -bnb-bsc

How do I find my funds & get them back to secretswap?

Please can someone help

Cheers Michael


this is the secret-bnb pool if i am not mistaken.
You can navigate to 𝕊ecret Swap
then click view balance on both the deposit and withdraw part of the pool earn window:

this is where your funds should be located.

if you need more help just respond here or open a ticket in the discord

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Thanks @ertemann
Opened up the above LP & show Nil Balance in the pool.
the pool I was trying to add too was Alter / sUSDC ( using 25% of SEFI / ATOM, so did some conversions before creating the pool which is why I am complexed as would have had to first create sUSDC BSC then use it in the pool, a double mistake ) think may have created Alter / sUSDC (BSC)
Have created viewing keys for most pools & can Not see my funds though if I have created Alter / sUSDC (BSC) by mistake then how do I view that ?
On my Keplr wallet can Not see a BSC / alter pool / contract. Can see a SBNB (BSC) & SUSDC (BSC) both showing 0
Could provide the previous 2 transaction if that would help or my public address to resolve the matter.
Cheers Michael

Please join the discord so we can help you in a ticker, there you can share some more private info without everyone seeing it :slight_smile:

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