Blackpool Charity Auction - Opportunity for Secret NFT Collectives!

Hello Agents and Artists!

Glad to present an exciting opportunity here for any Secret NFT collectives to get their project listed in a live charity auction in Berlin at the end of May!

All details here including videos of past events, and instructions to get listed: BlackPool Non Fungible Auction Project Requirements: - Google Docs

I went to the last one in Barcelona, it was awesome. Each project gets a 5-10min pitch deck & then the bidding starts. It gets intense!

They also have a very professional crew filming & live streaming to Twitch.

The event will take place as part of NFT Berlin:

Time is of the essence here as they are trying to pull together the final articles for the auction.

If any of you do go ahead and get some Secret NFT’s listed let me know, the Secret Agents will make a big song and dance about it and get lots of viewers for the auction!

Do I hear 420 SCRT from the mysterious figure in the shades??? :male_detective:


Might be worth shooting over to the Anons DAO

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