Binance ENG to SCRT 00.00 27/9/20

Just read on my Binance Exchange account that the swap is happening.
Make sure that your ENG tokens are unlocked.

It has begun

Noticed Coinspot are also doing the Swap

Where is the Coinspot announcement, and what is a Coinspot?

CoinSpot is an Exchange like Binance.
Not sure about the rest of the world but big in Australia to start your crypto journey by turning FIAT to 100 plus tockens. Also offers $100,000 insurance on transfers & hack problems that occur from their end.
I received a message in my Coinspot Enigma wallet that the swap was underway

Has anyone managed to transfer out SCRT from Binance yet? I get an invalid address. The Wallet I have setup is in Math Wallet.

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Got onto Binance & they have fixed problems their end SO yes just made a transfer to Keplr

Also if you use Coinspot their wallet works fine

Binance had the wrong character limitations so should work fine now

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