Backup node in case the main one goes down?

Sorry if this has been asked already. Will it be possible to set up more than one node with the same stake to avoid being penalized in case your main one goes down? I imagine the setup would involve something like a trivial load balancer and then continuously copying the current state from main -> backup node as it runs. Then if the main one disappears the load balancer points to the backup.

I’m not sure on the specifics yet… however I would say you won’t be able to run two secret nodes at the same time, I would assume you would need to change private key over to your secondary.
(What I think might happen) As the chain will likely identify a secretnode from its PrivateKey… if your secondary node doesn’t have the same PK enabled you wont become a block producer. Likewise, no 2 nodes could have the same PK active at one given time.

To answer your load balancing questions.
Still early days, although I’ll be setting up seed node style load balancing with 3 or 4 seed nodes. Each seed node will have a different external network exit geographically speaking and each seed node having an internal uplink (private vlan) or wireguard connection to the secret node.

My secondary secret node would be sitting in a somewhat live and dormant state, and upon noticing any primary secret node downtime. It would automatically move PK’s and run secondary.
I have done this on other chains, using powershell to check my “masternodes” alive.
Then some simple bash scripts for stopped primary ->> moving PK --> starting secondary.