Can I have more than one node?

I have enough tokens for 2 nodes. Will I be allowed to do that?

Guy said that tokens will be “stackable” on the same hardware up to a certain threshold where it becomes more economical to use a second machine. In the example he provided he said if you put 3x the required stake on the same machine, that node would be 3x more likely to win the lottery for computations. But as your stake rises, it eventually becomes more economical to have a second machine. For example of you have 6x the required stake, you might get more computations by having two machines, each with 3x the stake.

There is a point where having more stake on the same machines results in a bottleneck due to processing speed maxing out.

The exact details will likely be unknown until after the main network is launched.

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There’s no upper bound plans for node staking


Ah great so there’s no need for me to create multiple nodes.

Correct. There is no need to create multiple nodes.

What is the most efficient maximum stake before adding a second machine becomes beneficial? If a company has 5 million ENG to stake, what’s the suggested distribution for each machine? Do you suggest putting all 5 million on one node? Seems like at some point adding additional machines makes sense, but curious if, how, and when this could be determined.

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