Financial incentives running full node with validator

Hi all,

I just found Secret network. For last few months I were involved into Phala network - privacy chain in Polkadot eco which also uses TEE / SGX.
After reading few docs / pages on Secret network webpage I wonder know do I understand well that there are no financial incentives to run own node - right?
I can earn the same way by delegating funds to someone else node. For now just skip security and reliability.
In other words I will get the same amount of coins if I stake to other validator as I would get if I do it my own?

Why I’m asking about that - in Phala there are some serious difference.
If you have enough funds to stake on you device (1620 required per CPU core) you can run “miner” by yourself with 100% commission. This is reasonable cuz your chance to get reward depends not only on stake (which is cut by squere root) but also on device power itself. That makes real incentive to decentralization.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not shiller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For the first sight I get really interested in Secret (as Phala is not live yet, and my devices are down) but after reading a little I got disenchantment.

Could you confirm I understand it all right?