Automatic Delegation/Re-delegation script

Built a quick tool for delegation/re-delegation which others may find useful. You can find it here.

This tool tries to answer two needs:

  • Promote decentralization by automating delegation to multiple parties
  • Automate re-delegation of staking rewards (to compound your earnings)

It’s extremely simple and has been tested on a Mac + secretcli + Ledger Nano S. I expect it will either work as is for similar deployments, or may require minor changes (please create PRs if you notice this!).

This tool is extremely experimental and hasn’t been thoroughly tested, so use at your own risk!


Anyone have any luck on testing this with any other platforms?
I dont have access to testnet so its hard to debug/test.

I was also thinking of creating a script just for withdraw rewards/commissions, on a daily cron job.
Do you think i should just work on top of this script @guy ?

Hey Mohammed, you can run a testnet with one command, if you already have docker installed.
Then, you install and configure the secretcli used by this script to point at your localhost, rather than some public testnet, or a mainnet node.

This worked for me in 5 minutes, thanks to @guy who made it easy.

You’ll still have to click some buttons at the same time every day, but a reminder won’t hurt.

Also look at Tendermint KMS, once out of beta I’d use it for validators too.

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