Where is the SGX Service Provider source code?


I wanted to know where is the code of the service provider if there is any ?

the one that connects to sgx.enigma.co ?



Hi @david,

It’s all documented at https://enigma.co/protocol/

In terms of code, I suggest you start here: https://github.com/enigmampc/enigma-docker-network


Also, here’s a post about getting started using the simulation mode (which means you don’t need an SGX enabled device to get started)

I could not find the “Remote Attestation” Service Provider source code unfortunately. The one that is used in order to do the quotation with IAS.

Hi @david, I misunderstood your initial question. You are correct, the Remote Attestation code is not public currently.

What is the purpose of remote attestation with Intel?

Is this a potential point of failure and centralization?


As per Intel’s definition: Attestation is the process of demonstrating that a software executable has been properly instantiated on a platform, or put it in other words, it is a way to prove that a claimed enclave is indeed running inside a genuine SGX hardware and not some malicious or adversary-controlled SGX simulator.

Answering your second question, potentially yes. This is a current tradeoff that will be further researched and reviewed in the future.

FYI, more documentation on the attestation of the current release can be found here:

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