Random Number Generation


Is Enigma supporting Random Number Generation? If so, how?

I did not manage to find documentation or example on it but the ReadTheDodcs (https://enigma.co/protocol/AboutThisRelease.html) says:
Single Preprocessors:
We future releases will include a number of special functions (preprocessors) which extend the smart contract language to include features exclusive to the Enigma network. This version includes a single one: a random number generator.

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Hey Michael,

SGX can be used for source of randomness - there’s an RNG function. @adi can you pls elaborate?

Thank you for the answer.

SGX can provide a function to get a random number (https://software.intel.com/en-us/sgx-sdk-dev-reference-random-number-generation-functions).

How to access a native SGX function from Enigma?

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