Where is my staked SEFI?

When I look in SEFI Staking (V2), the SEFI I previously had staked is gone. Is it really gone?

Also, I’m trying to stake SEFI that I earned and when I click the earn button it just spins and doesn’t move it to staked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Todd, the earn button is for deposits only. You need to claim first and then re-deposit.

We offer a community compounding mechanism at btn.group that will save you from doing this yourself.

Thanks! I will look at that

Do you know what happened to the SEFI that I had staked? Did I lose it with the problem that happened a few weeks ago, or how can I find out?

You need to withdraw from the old sefi pool that your currently staking in. Don’t press 100% just leave it blank and hit withdraw

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Thanks man! That did it. Really appreciate your help.

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