Website Committee Formation

This post is meant to formally announce the formation of the Website Committee and ask for support through membership and participation.


The goal of the Website Committee will be two fold:

  1. To organize and facilitate the work needed to build and maintain the Secret Network Open Source Website.
  2. To act as a key node in the process flow described in the forum post: The Secret Network Website: A Governable Community Design Process .


  • For goal #1, we are looking for people would like to participate in the actual work. Examples of this would be things like building new Vue.js components, creating or organizing content, providing testing and other feedback, and there are plenty of others. All help is greatly appreciated and welcome at what ever level of involvement you are comfortable with.

  • For goal #2, we are looking for representatives who can propose and validate website initiatives on behalf of their respective committees.

  • These two types of participation are not, of course, mutually exclusive.


Weekly meetings will be held and will have the following basic agenda:

  • Presentation of updates to the site followed by discussion.
  • Review of unscheduled issue requests in Github
  • Review of current initiative calendar and status updates discussed
  • Committee representative update – committee by committee
  • Updates to current initiative calendar with agreement on next steps
  • Open discussion
  • Recap

Meeting Schedule

My initial desire would be to have the meetings on Friday. The main reason is that we currently demo weekly releases on Friday and use the weekend for public testing on in a staging environment. That having been said, awareness is an important committee to the website, so members would have to have two meetings on Friday which sucks. Tuesday is also an option as the infrastructure committee is arguably the committee least involved in website initiatives so overlap every other week wouldn’t be the worst thing. I can do it any day of the week and would like others who want to participate to give feedback. Whatever day is chosen, the goal is to run the first meeting the next time that day comes up.


If you would like to participate please comment on this post so I can judge interest. For the “official” representatives of other committees you could also express your interest below or, reach out to me directly.


As the lead of the education committee I 100% support this initiative and I look forward to participating and moving this project forward in any capacity as a committee.

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Thanks Carter, Education is going to play a key role in the success of the site.

Nothing to say here other than sounds awesome.

Hey @the-dusky, count me in

Hey @the-dusky, I’d like to participate. I prefer Fridays, but any day works for me.

Great initiative. Just to share I intend to use Tuesday’s for the Puzzle Committee since I stopped running the infrastructure committee calls on Tuesdays.

I’m very interested in helping and seeing how analytics can be integrated into the new site. Looking forward to the first meeting!