Analytics Committee Formation

This post is to announce/ask for feedback on the formation of the Analytics Committee.

The Secret Network Analytics committee shall have as its mission to serve the Secret Network committees, interested parties, and the broader ecosystem in their pursuit for knowledge surrounding the Secret Network and its relation to these parties. This goal shall be accomplished by:

1. providing actionable insights through weekly reports and/or streaming analytics
2. making custom tools in the Secret Analytics committee github repository
3. providing consulting given the context of the task at hand.

In summary, the community shall determine the questions which need to be answered; the committee shall devise a tailored action plan by bringing together the correct parties/skillsets. These contributions have the goal of facilitating collaboration between the correct parties in a timely fashion.

The committee shall have as its activities.

  • Iterative analysis/coordinating collection of data to maximize competitive advantage.
  • Quantifying the likelihood of possible outcomes surrounding targeted action.
  • Championing these analyses by gathering feedback to further refine insights.
  • Optimizing targeted actions by providing alternatives to said actions given possibile uncertainty.
  • Building and maintaining tooling, infrastructure, and ETLs.

The community can submit questions to the #analytics committee Discord channel. The committee will operate in 2 week sprints. Depending on interest, questions, and future use-cases, we will split our time between directly answering questions and building and maintaining infrastructure for easy analysis.

The issues to be submitted to the committee must define the analytics question with the following elements:

  • High level summary of question
  • Motivations and benefits that would be gained from having these questions answered.
  • What actionable decisions could be made by answering the question
  • Who benefits from the question being answered.

The weekly update from the committee shall provide a continuous progress report of actions affected by the analyses. The detailed source reporting of this weekly update will be made available on the Secret Analytics github repository.

The leaders of this committee would be tasked with coordinating the committee by delivering the weekly updates, conducting meeting proceedings, and establishing working groups for committee deliverables.

We hope that this post can stimulate discussion surrounding the formation of this committee.



This is very exciting! What is the best way for us to share analytics that we’d like to see about the network and how to visualize them? Maybe we can open a project under foundation’s github (cc @jlwaugh) similar to what we have for developer committee. We can then add asks / projects there.

For example the first things that come to mind are:

  1. Bridge stats (amount of ETH / ERC20s locked & minted on SN)
  2. Usage stats for different SNIP-20s mainly:
  • amount of scrt on secretSCRT contract
    secretcli q account secret1k0jntykt7e4g3y88ltc60czgjuqdy4c9e8fzek | jq '(.value.coins[0].amount|tonumber) / 1000000'
  • Number of deposits
    secretcli query txs --events 'transfer.recipient=secret1k0jntykt7e4g3y88ltc60czgjuqdy4c9e8fzek' | jq .total_count
  • Number of -unique- addresses deposited to secretSCRT contract
    secretcli query txs --events 'transfer.recipient=secret1k0jntykt7e4g3y88ltc60czgjuqdy4c9e8fzek' --limit 2000000000 | jq '[.txs[].tx.value.msg[].value.sender] | unique | length'
  • Number of interactions with secretSCRT
    secretcli query txs --events 'message.contract_address=secret1k0jntykt7e4g3y88ltc60czgjuqdy4c9e8fzek' | jq .total_count

A potential UI for this can look like where when you click on the asset from bridge stats, you’d go to the assets secretToken stats page


In general, people should feel free to drop questions in the #analytics discord. For larger projects, we can manage through github issues/projects. Whether that’s under SF’s org or a separate one doesn’t make much difference to me atm.

Bridge stats and usage stats are useful. To start we can spin up a simple dashboard web app as a POC and then later prettify it defipulse-style.