Was Prediction Market module implemented on SCRT?

Hello, I am new to the Secret network and I was interested in Secret Dapps and Grant proposals on SCRT. I did some research on the dapps, already implemented on Secret Network. I saw an approved issue for the Prediction Market Module on github but I haven’t found the prediction app yet.
Can anyone tell me if Prediction Market Module was implemented on Secret? If yes, where is it?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, I haven’t. How could I contact to admin?

@Yonatan should be able to answer this question if this grant you are talking about is a SCRT Labs grant.

Hey Taylor excellent question! I’ve had contact with the team building it and it’s mostly fleshed out. We should see a version of it live decently soon.

Also please report any “admin” that @Ethanhydrofinance20 suggested to you as that’s not the real Ethan of the real hydro.finance

@Stefan_DomeriumLabs - Are you able to remove users? This is a scammer

Yeah I can, and done

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