Voting_demo: Enigma setup still loading

I was successful following the getting started document to run the master branch of enigma-template-dapp. However, when i checkout to voting_demo branch and do npm run start there it gives ‘Enigma setup still loading…’

The web browser console says:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Voting has not been deployed to detected network (network/artifact mismatch)
at contract.js:454

Enigma Core says:
Server awaiting connection…

And Enigma Surface says:
Listening for new tasks

I also recreate the containers before running the voting_demo. What did I miss here?

Hey! Excited to hear that you are getting started with developing on the protocol!

The most likely reason for what you’re describing is that the contracts have not been deployed to the network properly. Make sure that you’ve deployed the necessary Voting-related contracts by running the following command from the dapp tab (assuming you’re following the conventions outlined in the Getting Started Guide):

darq-truffle migrate --reset --network development

This should resolve it, but let me know if you’re facing issues still and happy to continue digging :slight_smile:

I ran the command you told me before running the npm run start and it worked. Thank you for the help and merry christmas!

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