Deploye secret contract

Can you deploye secret contract on test-network like rinkeby ropston or enigma has any testnet.?

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Our next release, Discovery, will allow you to work with a public testnet.

For deploy contract we use command “darq-truffle migrate --reset --network development
can i deploy contract without this command i want to deploy contract on button click in ethereum we use web3 function to deploy the same thing can i use in enigma private contract.?

Hi @Fahad,

Great question, you should be able to do that as far as I know! Make sure you’re pulling the necessary contract addresses for Enigma/EnigmaToken from ports 8081 and 8082 to deploy your contract. If you look at lines 53-56 of App.js on the Getting Started Guide, you can see we’re calling the factory contract (has been deployed already using the darq-truffle command above) so that it creates a new MillionairesProblem contract instance (has not been deployed using the darq-truffle command. Slightly different scenario than what you’re describing, but should be the same basic idea!

Hi @adi ,
Thanks i got it.