Using Memo field for notes in Keplr?

If someone sends Secret to my receive address can they put their email address in the memo field so that I can notify them via their email I have received it.

Would it also be necessary for them to include their receive address in the memo field if they require a manual refund of that transaction.

If it is possible to do both of those things with the memo field would that info be exposed on the SCRT blockchain for everyone to see. If so is there a way to easily make this memo info private?

Hi -

They will receive the memo in the field, but it will be public to others as well. Perhaps using sSCRT it could be done, but I’m not sure how they would then see what the memo was.

Thanks for your prompt response Dylan

What about manual refunds of transactions then?

Are they easy to do?

I am looking at perhaps raising funds for a project but if it doesn’t end up being feasible I would like to be able to refund them their money.

I suppose I don’t understand what you’re looking for? Why not just send the SCRT back to the original sender?

Can I do that without knowing the senders receive address?

And can I do that 9 months after the scrt has been originally sent?

If they send as SCRT and not sSCRT, you’d be able to see their address just fine.

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Awesome thanks!

Now I just need to find the documentation on refunding transactions

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